August 5, 2021

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor’s Son. Part 41 and 42

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After some time, she change position with me sitting down and she sat on my di..k in the reverse cowgirl style and started going up and down. At a point, she leaned back and rested on me and i grabbed her bbs and was squeezing life outta it. After about 5mins of heavy pounding, i came and realised i didn’t use a condom.

That was the fastest sx and i ever had in my life after the experience with Ijeoma back in sec. school and it was fun.
After the act, we just smooch, kissed, rubbed, romanced…
One of the days, while i was in class reading with a friend of mine, Lanre by name, Tope came to meet me and when she saw me, she hugged me and kissed me, telling how much she has missed me cos we’ve not seen in a while.
When she left, my friend started a conversation
lanre: guy, you and that girl dey date?
me: yes, why you dey ask?
lanre: ehen?
me: yes na, wetin dey happen guy?
lanre: i no gbadun d girl jare, she too dey flirt
me: i like am sha, in fact i love am really
lanre: ah, love am, na one chance you dey oo
me: why? how you mean?
lanre: the girl no deserve you
me: how nau?
lanre: that girl dey flirt with guys too much, besides na Dele dey fck an nau
me: eyhhheee!! Lanre, how you know say na Dele dey fk am?

lanre: okay, shey she don allow you fck am before
me: yes na, i don enter am before
lanre: enhe, okay sha! but Dele dey eff the babe, dem even do one sx tape wey i see for Dele phone
me: guy i no believe you jare
love is fuuccking blind
Lanre brought his phone out and showed me the video and told me he secretely sent it from Dele’s phone to his phn. I was shocked, i wanted to cry but i didn’t let my emotions betray me.
I collected the video to my phone and went to my hostel, lay on my bed and started thinking about it. I watched the video over and over again and was sure it was her.
The love i had for her didn’t change though, i was heart broken. I didn’t sleep that night, i was just listening to radio all night.
Bayo: you just dey moody since you come back from reading, person die?
me: omor…. bro, na serious thing oo.
bayo: wetin happen nau?? ja mi si
me: you know that my babe nau
bayo: shey Tiwa?
me: no Tolu
bayo: she die?
me: no be die jare, the babe fall my hand
bayo: how?
I brought out my phone and showed him the video and he was like damn! sh*t! guy chill ooo… na because of babe, you wan kill yaself?
me: g, you no go understand oo… I really love this babe oo
bayo: mtcheww… love ko! lave ni!!



bayo: guy, wise up ooo… abeg fk love jare, the only reason why you need a babe is to keep your dik alive and active full stop, forget love jare, toast them, fk them and let go. That’s how you play the game bro.

me: *sigh hmmm…
bayo: shey make we rough handle am small?
me: no oo… rough handle ke?
bayo: make we teach am lesson nau, my boys are ever ready oo
me: no, e neva reach dat level
bayo: so wetin you go con do am
me: i go break up with am noni, wetin i wan do?
The feelings i had for Tolu had already developed into anger. I didn’t even know what to do with her although i had already decided its over between us.
I tried reading because exams was only a week away but book no gree enter. I just resorted to solving more of calculations in math, physics and chemistry and leave the reading courses for later. As i was reading one of the days, i got a call from Tope. I didn’t pick the first time, then it rang again and again and after the third time, i picked.

I said a very low sounding and depressed “hello”
tope: hey sweedy watsup wit u nau?
me: am fine, hw u?
tope: am gud oo… you no even call me sice all this days
me: av been busy preparing for exams and hope you’re preparing well for d exams
tope: yeah, are you in your hostel?
me: yes
tope: okay am coming there right now
me: ehe!
tope: yes, am already in front of the hostel
hung up
in two mins, she was already knocking on my door and Bayo went to open the door while i just sat on my bed.
I heard her ask of me and Bayo told her to go in and he left the room.
She walked in and i didn’t even lift my head from my phone, even though i was just entering and exiting ‘menu’. She sat on my bed and tried kissing me but i didn’t raise my head for her to, so she pecked me on the cheek and asked whats wrong with me.
me: i’m disappointed
tope: how, by who? who disappointed my baby?
me: sigh you love me right?
tope: of course, you know i do
me: i don’t think so
tope: what do u mean

Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 43 and 44
Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 39 and 40

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