August 1, 2021

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor’s Son. Part 49 and 50

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Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 47 and 48


We broke the kiss and she stood up and went towards the door while i rubbed my lip to clean off d lipstick stain from her lip. She opened the door and i heard her say “mum!!”
For real, my heart skipped a beat on hearing the word ‘mum’ i dunno why but i got nervous and started sweating on my palm, as i usually do when I’m nervous. Her mum stepped in and i stood up and greeted her while bowing my head and touching my knee.
She answered in yoruba and turned to Tiwa whit a questioning look of ‘who is he?’
Tiwa: mum, this is Victor, my boyfriend
Mum: oh! He’s the Victor you’ve been telling me about
Tiwa: yes mum
Mum: turn to me omo mi… you’re welcome ehn! Make yourself comfortable… turn to Tiwa have you given him something to take?
Tiwa: no mum but I’ve asked this girl to prepare fried rice
Mum: okay… i came to get a document i left at home while going to work. turn to me make yourself comfortable okay!
Me: yes ma… thank you ma
Mum: call me mum… and take care of my daughter oo..

We both laughed and i said okay. Tiwa’s mum made her way to the coridoor and Tiwa kissed me on my lip and followed closely beside her mum.
I was suprised at how she welcomed me and Tiwa introduced me as her boyfriend. I relaxed and was watching one of Eminem’s song playing on the tv and through the home theater system. I sang along while nodding my head.
After some minutes that seemed like forever, Tiwa and her mum came out of the room, with Tiwa carrying a rubber file closely behind her mum.
Mum: my dear, feel at home alright. You’re welcome here anytime.
Me: thank you mummy
Mum: so, you school in Yabatech too?
Me: yes ma
Mum: what course are you studying?
Me: science laboratory technology
Mum: wow… that’s great. I’ve always wished one of my kids will ba a science student… but i have only Tilewa and she’s commercial
Me: clears throat hmmm…
Mum: i have to get back to work dear. collected her file from Tiwa you guys enjoy yourselves enh! Tiwa take care if him well you hear?
Tiwa: okay mum… see you later at night.
And remember what we discussed
Mum: already at the door okay!
She went out of the sitting room and we heard her car engine start and fade gently as she drove away. Tiwa came closer and sat on my leg *i would say sat on my d**k* and we resumed our kissing from where we stopped


We started kissing again as she sat on my lap.
As we were kissing, we heard someone cough very closeby. I opened my eyes and saw the maid standing there, right beside us.
“What is it??!!” Tiwa yelled at her
She said something in Yoruba and Tiwa stood up from my leg and went with her to the kitchen.
I was left in the parlour with a hard-on. I was frustrated beyond measures. Hw dis maid com dey f up like this na? I kept wondering to myself. Tiwa came later and we went upstairs to her room and locked the door immediately we got in and turned to face me licking her lips and loosing the buttons of her shirt from the top.
She started loosing the button her shirt from the top. She soon removed the shirt, leaving her with only bra. she moved her hand to the back to take of her bra. Her phone started ringing. She auickly left what she was doing and brought out her phone. I expected her to answer the call and show would be over but she simply removed the battery of the phone and threw it on the bed. She took of her bra.
“Phew! Finally” i mumbled to myself.
She came closer and engaged me in a battle of lips. I almost chocked as she kissed me so roughly with all her strenght, pkking her tongue into my mouth deep. At a point, i thought “if care isn’t taken, I’ll swallow this babe tongue oo…”
We kept kissing, then took off all clothings completely. My d*ck was hard as rock and she went low, helped me to take off my trouser and boxer and grabbed my whole lenght into her mouth while using one hand to tickle my ballz.

The pleasure was so much, my d..k started twitching. She stopped sU-Cking and stood up and webt towards the bed, lifted one leg on the bed and i went in from behind. I started the pounding spree. She was moving her hips back and forth to take in my d**k fully. In less than 10mins, i was close to cloud 9 and i came. I left my J0yst!ck in her kitty for some time and it became flaccid before i pulled it out. Exhausted, i lay flat on the bed and she climbed on me and started rubbing my bare chest. That gesture started bringing my d!ckson back to life.
She enclosed her mouth on my dic and started sU-Cking. The pleasure i felt became much and i grabbed her head and started pumping my waist and in less than a minute, i came in her mouth. She went to the bathroom and spat it out.
I just realized i didn’t use a condom and i felt scared a bit. She came back and layed beside me and we put in a movie amd were watching and chatting, when there was a knock on the door.
We were still both Unclad. I quickly covered with a blanket while she tied a wrapper around her chest and went to open the door.

Adventure Of A Bad Pastor's Son. Part 47 and 48

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