July 30, 2021

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 31 and 32

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 33 and 34
Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 30


After like 45 minutes that I ignored her, and
she was just pretending to ignore me. …
“Doc, where is the convenience”
“Say what” Wetin be DAT….
“I mean the ladies room”
See this local prat ooo, talk am straight, u
wan go wee wee for toilet,whether na poo
poo sef I no know….
“Enter the second room, you’ll see a door by
your left ….”
She went in, and I started hearing splashes….
Splashes kee, did she go in to have a bath??
Why are some women so annoying sef, she
was beginning to piss me off, and I started
losing interests gradually….
But after some minutes….
SnakeIn my bathroom?
I quickly ran there to check what the snake
looked like, didn’t even care whether she was
Unclad or not…..
It was just a small wall gecko,and I killed it
“Thanks doc”

I looked up to say “you’re welcome” when I
saw her gorgeous and heavily endowned
hour glass body… damn, she had normal
sized b0s0m with normal titties to match, bit
those hips were da bomb!!! Couldn’t even
imagine the amount of arse she had being
And the water dripping on that hot chocolate
body make the scene look more sexier and
She eyed me, looking at both my eyes and
my crotch, she saw the bulge underneath,
she was smacking her lips……
“Oh, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have barged in”
“It’s okay, you have seen everything already”
And we laughed over it….
She apologized for her childish behaviour,
and asked if I would join her in the bathroom,
I gladly obliged….


I removed my trousers/boxers and that
bulging thing under shot out like a shot
“Wooow, that stuff you got can shoot a plane
from the sky….”
“And that stuff you got behind can make a
man kill his mother”
“What my arse, that’s my prized jewel, you
like it don’t you”
And she turned around to show me one of
the most massive assets I have ever seen in
my entire life…..
“I do, I do I do….” was all I could say
I didn’t even know when I was already playing
with her moist body, as the water on her
body was already drying up….
I started with her Tips, playing and plucking
and stroking them like a game pad, and yep,
she was enjoying it the way she was hissing
like a snake…..
I used my prick to stroke her arse while I was
kissing her back and striking the nips…..
“Babe, u wanna Bleep me from behind??”
I didn’t even answer her, I just carried the
massive hips into position, found the cl!t and
plucked it for some time (and she was
sounding like the kick-starter of a BMW while
I as at it) then I slid in the diskette….
And I started hammering the nail…..
“Oohh, oohh, yeah, ooh, doc, yeah, no, no,
yeah, ooohh”

She was just giving me all sorts of ring-back
tunes and caller feels ….
But I didn’t even listen to those ones, cos I
was just seeing the yansh as it was just
vibrating and shaking from behind…
I was just mesmerized and stunned banging
the burger like a belated baboon…..
She pushed me away, was wondering what
was wrong….
Then she told me to sit on the toilet so that
she would do her thingy….And i gladly
She first faced me, riding me making sure her
cl!toris was stimulated, and I as busy sU-
Cking those sweet b0s0m of hers….
In fact she was just enjoying it….
“Oohh, uuuhh, mmmhhh,”
She kept on doing it until….
She came all over me, when she stood up
she squirted on my tummy (chaaaaii, this
local girl is a squirter)

Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 33 and 34
Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 30

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