June 17, 2021

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 33 and 34

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Bit she still saw that I was erect……
“Haa doc, you’re still standingMe I’m tired
already ooo”
I laughed and said “okay no problem “
“Are you sure?”
I took some water and washed off all the
Pour stuff….
And we took our baths together….
When she came out everywhere was dark…..
“Haa, it’s late already”
“Well, you won’t mind sleeping over won’t
“I don’t jare, I’ll sleep over”
I gave her one of my shirts and she was just
shaking the arse all over, while she was
cooking noodles….

We ate, watched movies, kissed, I sU-Cked
her b0s0m, she sU-Cked my J0yst!ck……
Before we knew it, we were on the bed again,
I gave it to her missionary, sideways, from
behind, she straddled me, I straddled her….
For one hour we had marathon S£x, from one
release to the other….
We slept, woke up and exhausted ourselves
with S£x again…..
“Doc, I really had a nice time with you, you’re
such an awesome guy”…..
My head started swelling…..
“How I wish my husband could do half of
what you do”
And that GHEN GHEN GHEN moment just
came to me, did she say she was married,
did she say she had a husband, did I just
sleep with a married woman?


“Yes, don’t be surprised, I’m a married
My hand was ready to tear her the sweetest
slap she would ever receive, but I just calmed
down a bit….
This would actually be the second married
woman I would ever sleep with….
Remember the first one, the married resident
doctor married to an army officer
Who knows who this slit is married to now,
maybe the chief of general staff??
“My husband is a pastor, overseeing a deeper
life Church. I can only say he used the word
of God to cajole me into marrying him, I
didn’t think of other satisfactions”
Haaaaa, this is even worse, I’m banging a
pastor’s wife, the holy spirit is sharpening it’s
cutlass and pointing it at my neck….
“I always force him to sleep with me, he says
S£x is not godly, that it’s meant for only child
bearing. He just sticks his Willy in and pours
out all his milk, and sleeps like an overfed

I was already getting tired of all these rooster
and bull stories….
“Okay okay….” I interrupted ” the bottom line
is, you’re married, not just to any man, but a
pastor, I mean, what would Jesus do??”
She looked at me, kissed me on the cheek
and said….
“I understand dear, thanks”
She dressed up, picked her bag, winked at
me and left, while I was busy admiring the
big bakassi rollong on….

Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 35 and 36
Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 31 and 32

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