June 20, 2021

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 35 and 36

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Finally, I was posted to my final posting,

Children don’t pretend, they usually tell the
truth when it hurts real bad, even when they
are sexually assaulted…..
Anyway, I was up and about as usual at the
children emergency, trying to frolic with the
nurses, and other doc colleagues….
And that was how I met the cutest female
house officer in the hospital. Oh my
This lady is so beautiful, agbani darego is still
learning the trade… And she is dark-skinned,
not fair. Spotlessly dark…
But her beauty was what took her shape
She is flat here and there…..
All the same, she is everyone’s crush….

I met her trying to secure an intravenous
access for a 6mth old dehydrated baby, all
the veins had collapsed….
As the “super hero with a mighty ego”I
swung into action….
“Doc how far, I’m sure those veins are
“Yes I will get it don’t worry”
“Hmmm, don’t you think you need help”
“I SAID I WILL GET IT” She snapped….
And I was like “what’s wrong with this one,
I’m even trying to help you and you’re
I went back to the call room angry…..


Then after 10mins….
“Doctor Lagusta, where are you now”
“I’m here sir” responding to my oga’s call…
“So you left your colleague who was trying to
save a child’s life, you’re here sleeping, you
are playing with extra weekend call do you
know that??”
“But sir I…..”
“Will you shut up and go and help her out”
“Okay sir”
With a very cantankerous countenance, I
secured the access on the child’s foot, as she
was only trying the hands…..
She looked at me, and I pretended not to
notice her….
After sometime one nurse came to me….
“Doc well done dear”
The nurse was dark, normal sized b0s0m
and arrsseee, but very ugly….
“See, don’t mind that doctor jare, she doesn’t
know anything, all she knows is how to apply
make up and perfume, she can also apply it
on her brain..”
I wanted to laugh but her mouth odor was
worse than her face…..
“Anyway my name is tope, nice meeting u”
“Same here” without the nice part tho….
I went back to the call room, thinking to
myself; what’s with these people? A pretty
doc that hates me, and an ugly nurse that
likes me… Is this the beginning of the end
Then Dr Oma walked in, pretty little devil….
“Hey doc, what’s up”
“I’m fine” I actually forced that out of my

“Aaaawww, are you still angry at me?? Please
I’m sorry, I was just stressed up, the child
was crying, her mom was shouting on me,
that our oga too was just looking at me like a
slowpoke, I was just confused….”
And I noticed she was shedding tears as she
was narrating her ordeal…
“Oh, no please don’t cry, it’s alright, I was
actually a bit pissed, bit it’s okay now, at
least the patient would be fine now, that’s our
I wiped her tears with my fingers, doing it in
a Sekxy and caring manner….
“Thanks, you are actually a nice guy”
“Everyone says that” now beginning to feel
“Okay, let me make it up to you, I’m inviting
you to my place, and you must come,
Since I wasn’t on call that day, I accepted….
But while I was heading home, the ugly nurse
tope sent a message to me:
“Doc I really like you, you are very handsome,
I want us to do things together, please call
me when you’re free, miss u, tope”
Of all the ladies in the world, it was an ugly
brat that would “toast” me?

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