August 1, 2021

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 37 and 38

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 39 and 40
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So Igot home, changed my dress, sprayed
some cologne, and got a rubber ducky
Got to her room….
This doc is so beautiful, as slim as she was, I
didn’t care. She wore only a singlet and bum
shorts, no bra, so her little titties were just
sticking out… But the face, that Mona Lisa
face, and the tone, that cockroach brown
“Nice for you to come by, I even thought you
won’t show up”
“Oh, I just had to dear, since you invited me I
just had to come”
She offered me three cup cakes and some
red wine….
“I actually baked them myself”
And they were actually delicious….
“Wooow, you really know how to bake and
cook, are you a professional caterer??”
“Nah, I just learned some skills from my
mom, she is the pro…

She brought out her Xbox, we played call of
duty together, never imagined she also loves
video games….
She is actually a very nice girl…..
We stayed for hours chatting, playing games,
watching movies….
Until it was late….

“Okay, I think it’s time to go” I said…
“Aaaawww, are you going?? I was really
enjoying your company, can you please stay
a little while, I mean, can you, or just
“Forget what” i asked with a devilish grin….
“Can you spend the night with me?? It’s cold,
I need something to wrap around to keep me
“Hmmmm, hope your boyfriend won’t
perform autopsy on me”
“Boyfriend” She laughed hysterically “the so-
called boyfriend is in far-away Amsterdam,
enjoying his life….”
Hmmm mmmm


As we la!d down together….
“Tell me a story”
And I was like: see this fairy-tale babe ooo,
wetin concern me with story….
Anyway I told her the story of a man who
couldn’t perform well in bed, so the wife
either used a plantain to self-service or she
went to the nearby suya seller with the big
And when the husband caught them on bed
she said “he got the cream, I got the sugar”
“Hahahahahahahhahahahaha” she had a very
Sekxy way of laughing….
“Hmmm, do u have some cream??”
She asked as she whispered in my ear…
“Because my sugar wants to ferment into red
And I told her “old wine always tastes better
than table wine”
She slid her hand under my boxer shorts,
stroking and playing with the erect
“Oh, crap I’ve missed this….” She muttered
And she inserted it into her sweet mouth,
playing with the cap with her tongue, licking
and sU-Cking the whole stick like a lollipop….
She didn’t care what would happen, she just
kept on sU-Cking….
And she stopped, looked at me with her kitty
eyes, pulled off her singlet in a Sekxy way,
exposing her small b0s0m, but big black
erect tips….
Now those buttons turned me on real

I didn’t hesitate to first play with the tips,
while caressing the b0s0m at the same time,
and as I slowly raced my tongue on her left
tip, she gave out one Sekxy m0an….
“Oh Gooooodddd, Lagusta you’ll kill me,
oooohhh niooooooooo, uuuuuhhhhh”
And I was actually sU-Cking the left tip and
playing with the right one all at once….
She took my spare hand and made me play
with her cl!t, as I found out she unbuttoned
her shorts…
Her honeypot was full of nectar, sweet juicy
But I was just having fun as I was stroking
her cl!t, and as she was giving those Sekxy
ring tones simultaneously….
“Baby yeah, please don’t stop, yeah, oooohhh
She stopped me and put me in position, as
she couldn’t wait to sit on me and rock me
like a jack-knife….

Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 39 and 40
Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 35 and 36

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