July 31, 2021

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 39 and 40

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Doctor Vs. Nurse. Vs. Patient. Part 41,42 and 43
Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 37 and 38


She slowly slid in her socket into my plug……
Oh, how sweet can good S£x be??
She gave it to me hard, as I was enjoying the
taste of both her nips…..
“Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah” was all I could
She also tickled my nips too, and I was
enjoying it…
We gave it all out together….
She reversed the style, showing me her small
but fresh and cute arsenal, fresher than a
baby’s butt..
I couldn’t take it any longer…
I positioned her to do the K9….
Fired her from behind….
She grabbed me, grabbed the bedsheet, held
the bed tightly…..

I knew she came, but I had to enjoy myself….
Her m0ans were getting louder….
“Lagusta, please, oh, oh crap, or crappy crap”
I kept on firing and firing……..
And the dragon let out its FIRE!!!!
She turned, looked at me and kissed me
“Doc, thanks for giving me a night
“You’re always welcome sweetheart”
And we slept Unclad…..


I woke her up the next morning….
“Babe it’s time for work, let’s quickly freshen
up and get dressed”
She looked beautiful even without make up…
We went to the bathroom together, washed
ourselves, did another round in the shower,
and I quickly went back to my place to dress
We met at the emergency smiling and
laughing together, helping ourselves with
Nurse tope was looking at us, jealously….
The rage, anger and envy was just oozing out
of her nose and ears…
Anyway, I took my phone and a message
came in
“Doc, why are you playing with my heart,
when you know I love youplease don’t do this
to me, love you. Tope”
What is the meaning of all this….
“What’s that” Oma asked
“Oh it’s nothing….”
“Okay dear” she said “will you come to my
place again tonight”

“I would love to but I may likely go out to see
am aunt” which aunt do I even have??
“Okay dear, bit I’m going to miss you”
“You too dear”
When I got home, I planned how to settle
things with ugly tope….
I invited her over, and she quickly agreed.
Within thirty minutes, she was at my door,
still in her uniform….

Doctor Vs. Nurse. Vs. Patient. Part 41,42 and 43
Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 37 and 38

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