June 15, 2021

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Doctor Vs. Nurse. Vs. Patient. Part 41,42 and 43

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Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 39 and 40


“Doctor Lagusta, do you know that I shouldn’t
come to your place, because I’m very angry
at you. What kind of “love in Canada” were
you and that stupid doctor doing throughout
today? I don’t like it ooo”
I was so mad and angry, ready to beat the
devil out of her ugly face, but I just kept
“Look nurse tope, I know you like me, and
seriously I like you too, but please, we just
met each other… Come on, give me a break, I
can’t just meet you and just fall in love like
it’s one “happily ever after” fairy tale…..”
“Oh, so you don’t love me abi? So you just
hate me ehhn, See now, what does that girl
have that I don’t have”

In my mind I was like at least she scored 100
in beauty and you scored 1000 in ugliness…
“Okay, I understand you, just calm down,
please just give me some time to think….”
She made herself comfortable, I gave her
some crackers and juice, she la!d on my
I was like, hmmm, at least this is a lady nah,
looks like I will overlook the face and
concentrate on the other parts…..
I made my way to her b0s0m, playing with
her tips, she responded quickly….
As she was already on m laps, she unzipped
my trousers and removed my half-erect
J0yst!ck, and started the mouth action
And please, why do most nurses love mouth


She did the mouth gig like a K.arda.shian!!!
I was actually feeling the deep throat and the
throttling…. That was when I knew this lady
can’t just be a nurse, she is a professional
Since she wore a gown, she slid it up,
revealing her inner wear, she removed that to
show only G-string….
And that was when the turgid stick became a
flaccid piece of flesh…. She had stretch
marks all over her bum!!! Even if it were
those Sekxy light ones, I won’t mind. But
those big, black, thick ones that looked as if
she fought with a dragon?? Oh come on!!!!
“What’s wrong nah, what happened??” She
“Nothing” I said in a very bewildered
“Hmmm, doc, I know what u need……”
She got her bag, brought out a bottle and
handed it over to me….
“What’s this” was the next thing while I was
looking at it…
“That’s honey sweetie”
Does this lady want me to drink the whole lot,
or does honey now do the same work alomo
“I’m on your bed, come to me…..

Now it dawned on me, she wanted me to do
the “Sekxy dirty Joe” stuff….
Okay, I poured some on her tips, navel and
made some round her body, and I slowly
licked my way through, concentrating more
on her nips…..
“Aaaahhh, yeah, oooh, uuuuhhh….” We’re her
ring back tunes….
I poured some on her cl!t, pulled the string to
one side, and licked and sU-Cked my way to
She held my head tight as I was just
frolicking her cl!t with my tongue….
She was going gaga, and her tunes were
giving me the ginger to hammer….
And I hammered……
And, I dare say, she was one damn fugly
biach, but oh my, that honeypot was so
sweet, very sweet, nearly sweeter than my
oga registrar’s own….
“Oh yeah, oh, yeah…’
I was also saying “oh yeah, oh yeah”


I kept on hitting on the crotch, making sure
she enjoyed every bit of it, as I was also
enjoying it…..
I licked and sU-Cked her tips as I was
slamming her, kissed her all over…. She was
just giving all sorts of “juju on the beats”
She turned to show me her stretch marks,
now they looked Sekxy to me, and made my
stick harder…..
Her bum was very firm, not too hard and not
too soft….
I gave her the magic stick while she was
kneeling, playing with both her b0s0m and
“Ooohhh, aaaahhh, uuuuhhh, iiihhh, my
mommy, my mommy….”
Then she just opened her mouth agape
without making a sound, as I felt the ripples
of her orgasm under….

She la!d down while I kept on firing her,
making sure I felt her a55 under me…

Turned her sideways, so that I could touch
her b0s0m…..
She started screaming again, feeling her Pour
The vaj was deliciously sweet, I couldnt
control myself anymore….
I had that kind of male explosive orgasm that
comes once in a blue moon.
She faced me to kiss me, she held me tight,
kissed me all over….
And she slept off….
I was about to sleep too when I read a
“Hi dear what’s up, been trying your number,
hope u good, miss u”
It was from nurse Rachael, that married


Doctor Vs. Nurse Vs. Patient. Part 39 and 40

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