June 20, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 85

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He and her V

Episode 85

Grace’s POV

I smirked shaking my two legs angrily in my room. Joy laid beside me sleeping. I wasn’t expecting her to come back.

I stood and tossed to and fro my room. I was thinking of how best to hurt her.

An idea finally struck my heart and I walked out angrily to her room and I banged it hard. She opened it and shot me. questioning look.

“Remember I have the power to make your marriage go as I want and not as you want. Did you know I can get you kidnapped?” Camilla, you know I’ve got many powers , you do not have to try me. You know what I can do?”

“Are you here to threaten me?” She asked unbothered and I just smirked wickedly on her

“Well, I also came to warn you that if you know what is good for you , leave Tucker’s house. ” I said.

She laughed at me mockingly and said. ” This is what you want all along but it’s not gonna happen, trust me. Tucker loves me and you are only forcing lobe on him. Get that into your stubborn skull” She said and closed the door on me.

Anger arose in me that I felt like smashing her head. I walked angrily to my room and picked my phone immediately to call one of my boys.

“The plan failed and Camilla is back fully, in fact , she seems to have made up her mind to stay fully now” I reported to him.

“Just tell me what to do?” He asked.

Camilla’s POV

I noticed she had left the entrance of my room and I opened the door gently and walked towards her room.

I inclined my ear to whatever she might wanna utter in her room so I can know how to get myself protected until I finally heard her reports me to someone on phone.

“Kidnap her before 24 hours ” I heard her say to the person and I tip toed back to my room.

Oh! Now , she wants me kidnapped.
But the cops are not really to be trusted. She had connections there too.

I thought as quick as possible on what to do and an idea of acquiring a protective robot hit my mind.

I followed the idea and visited the site and ordered for the robot.

In two hours , it had being delivered to my door step.

I was given the leaflet that explains how it works. Only me will know that it’s a robot unless I tell anyone which I’m not planning too.

I carried some text on the robot and it worked well.

I programmed how I want him to protect him and to my surprise , he was smarter than I thought.

“Give me a name?” He said and I furrowed my brow.

“Erm… Walter…you like that?” I asked and he nodded.

“I’ll follow your everywhere and stay at the entrance of your room even while asleep , is that alright?”

“Erm…that should be. If I need some privacy I will tell you”

“Okay , boss ” He said and went to stand at the entrance of my room

I smiled and sunk to my sit. Now , let me see how Grace’s plan will work.

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