June 14, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 17

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 17


I finished what I was doing quickly at the office and took a cab home.

I dressed into one of the most beautiful cloth I had just acquired and invited my sister to place some beautiful make ups on my face that will not even give him any hint that I’m his ugly secretary.

My sister helped since she’s very good at that.

I took a cab to Donald Bugger Restaurant , I stepped down and saw his car parked at the garage of the house already.

I walked inside majestically and as our eyes met ,my eyes shook fearfully like he actually recognized me but I know he would never.

I walked to where he sat and he stood in honor of me.

“Welcome , my lady ” He said and gestured for me to sit and I sat after which he sat too.

“What should I order for you?” He asked.

“Anything you wish ” He said and invited the servers standing around and selected the food he wants us to be served with.

After few seconds , we started eating. He was still shy to start up a conversation. He was just stealing glances at me to which I pretended not to notice.

I guess he’s never even had a girlfriend with the way and manner at which he’s just so shy.

“Hope you aren’t pissed that I refer to you as my lady?”

“Not at all. ” I answered.

“Wanna ask a silly question , I do not know if you would answer me please?” he asked.

“Just go ahead ”

“Thanks , erm…do you have a boyfriend?”

I smiled at his question.

“Do you really need that information?”

“Just wanna know if I had being flirting with another man’s woman lest , I guess beaten up” He said and chilled while I smiled

“I’m single ” I replied.

“For real?” He said happily.

“That really made me happy. I’m single too. Wanna ask what you came to the club to do?” He asked.

“What I cane to club for? I came to toilet ” I insulted him

“Toilet? ” He repeated not grabbing the fact that I just insulated him.

“I came to groove just like anyone. Is there a big deal there ? I asked sternly.

” Oh no , don’t be angry, please. I’m just anxious. ” He said and we continued eating.

After we were done eating.
“I’m glad you really answered my call, I think I should compensate you. Ask me for anything?”

I pressed my eye and smiled at him.

“For real?”

“Yeah, I’ll do it ” He answered

“I need a car, ” I asked and he smiled.

“Simple. I’ll get that for you tomorrow. Let’s meet at the Don B Cars tomorrow at Texas, I’ll get a brand new one for you” He said and I was so happy.

“Thanks,” I said softly hiding my happiness.

We both stood and walked out.

“Can I peck for you?” He asked just as we were about to depart.

I changed my face and formed anger like I did not want it, whereas, inside of me, I really wanted his peck.


“Oh sorry. I guess I’m really asking too many questions. Forgive me please” He said.

“I guess I can still make it to the office ” He checked his watch and walked inside his car.

He stepped inside his car and drove out.

Huh! He’s going back to the office, which means I have to go back before he even gets there.

I stopped a cab and shattered it immediately home.

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