June 14, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 89

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.Venessar High School

Episode 89

Author Feather’s POV

Professor Lucas kept Kimberly in a big mansion that he had built for the 5S band. Stephen had not joined the band all this while.

Kimberly was made to stay at the female’s lodge where Sophie and Allie were. Sophie and Allie found out that Kimberly was very good in singing and they told their father to create another band for them too.

Professor Lucas was reluctant at first but he later found out that Kimberly is even better in singing when compared to Sophie and Allie.

So he created their band for them and named it SAA band, choosing the first letter of their name to create the band.

Professor Lucas was eating in his empire on a very beautiful Saturday morning when a man who use to his close personal assistant requested to see him.

He gave him an audience and the man entered with a young teenage boy. Professor Lucas watched the boy dearly wondered how in the world the boy resembles him so much.

“I found this boy playing music at the street and I decided to approach him after he was done playing. I spoke with him and gave him some token to which he appreciated. Just as he turned to be leaving , I saw a tattoo behind his neck , same tattoo that was behind…”

Professor Lucas cut him sort before he could complete his statement and requested that the boy should be turned to back him.

He saw the tattoo himself and looked at the man without saying a word.

“What’s your name?” Professor Lucas asked the boy.

“Stephen , Sir” He answered.

Professor Lucas was baffled again at the way he spoke almost like him.

Professor Lucas gestured for the boy to sit and requested of him to sing to which he did.

“Wow! So perfect” Professor Lucas commented positively on his song.

Professor remembered that his wife claimed she gave birth to a triplet then , he had thought the woman was having a temporary psycho but what if it was true.

What if his children had being separated?

And what if Stephen is just a mere coincident? He was confused. He didn’t even know what to think or say.

“Would you like to join the 5S Band?”

“Yes , I would sir” The boy replied enthusiastically.

“Hum! sign him and rename the band 6S band ” Professor Lucas commanded and the man did as commanded.

From then henceforth , Professor Lucas had had a special eye on Stephen and hope that he does understand something about him someday.

He hopes he finds out if he’s truly his son in the future or not.


Kimberly was noted by all the 6S band as a very talented and a very beautiful singer. At the long run , many of the 6S band began to wish that she became their girlfriend but they knew I would never be possible cause the band so not allow them to have a girlfriend.

Sean and Kimberly began to grow closer and at first , everyone believed there was nothing between them.

They sing together most of the time , they stay together most of the time. Sean and Kimberly began to grow closer and fell in love with each other.

They both divided to keep it a secrete but Stephen who was madly in love with Kimberly decided to expose them to Professor Lucas.

He kept searching for every means to catch them red handed as lovers. He needs a prove to show processor Lucas and he did find one.

He snapped them conversing at the backyard of the mansion and he was videoing it and hoping they do something intimate and fortunately or unfortunately.

Sean and Kimberly kissed , thinking no one was watching them.

“Yes!” Stephen examined happily. He finally got the prove to show professor Lucas and he went straight to his office to show him.

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