August 6, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 86

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He and her V

Episode 86

Tucker’s POV

I walked to Camila’s room and I was surprise to see another man standing at the entrance.

“Excuse me , may I know you?”

“I’m Walter and you?”

“Walter? What in the world are you doing in my wife’s room?”

“She employed me to protect her. ”

“Oh! Anyways , allow me to enter ”

“I do not know you , please. You might be one of the enemy ” He said and I chuckled.

“Mr Man,she’s my wife , please respect yourself before I inform the cops right away. Camilla ” I shouted and I could hear footsteps walking towards where I stood before Walter.

She shot me a smile while I was still angry that she had employed a man as her protector without even having any discussion with me.

“Camila , what is this?”

“Take it easy ,I’ll explain. Come in” She said and the Walter of a guy finally allowed me to enter.

“Camilla , why would you employ another man…” before I could complete my statement , she shut me with her finger.

“It’s a robot. I ordered it because I overheard Grace plotting to kidnap me , that was after she had come to threaten me ” She said and my face darted to the man that called himself Walter.

“You mean this man is a robot? ” I stood and went to examine him and true , his stomach were made of engine.

I walked back to the bed where Camilla sat. “Who could have believed he’s a robot?”

Camilla smiled and locked her lips on mine. We kissed for a while then disengaged afterwards.

“Grace is this evil, even plotting to kidnap you” I said and she nodded.

I suddenly heard a gun shot and I fearfully inclined my ear to be sure while staring intently at Camilla.

“You heard that , right?”

“Yeah, a gun shot ” Camilla stood immediately and went to meet Walter.

“You heard that also right?” Camilla asked Walter.

“I’ll handle it and you will be safe. Trust me” Walter replied and Camila came back to me.

She placed her head on my shoulder and I comforted her saying “All will be alright”

“Leave the entrance ” We heard the voice of a man say to Walter while he just stood.

“Who sent you?” Walter asked and the man grinned.

“Have you gone crazy? Can’t you see gun in my hand. Do you think we are here to joke?” One of the enemies said.

“Just shoot him , Sparrow” one of them said.

“Won’t he blow off if they shoot him?” I asked Camilla softly.

“Let’s just hope for the best”

Walter gave the two men punches at a time and Camilla and I focused our attention on them.

In few seconds , Walter had knocked the two men to the floor.

Walter turned at Camilla and said ; “Come have a look , boss” He requested and Camila stood up looking at me interjection ally

I followed her to watch those men who were laying on the floor. Maybe dead , I can’t say.

Grace cane running from her room all of a sudden.

“What the…oh my days! What have you done for them?” He asked no one in particular but her eyes were darting over Camila , Walter and I.

“Who killed them?” She yelled and quickly brought out her phone.

“I’m informing the cops right away ” She said and put a call across placing the phone on her cheek.

“Tell the cops they are criminal too and that they are with guns ” Walter said.

“Grace , do you know this men?” I asked.

“I do not. But you do not expect me to see dead cops here and not inform the cops ” She said and had a conversation with the cops.

The cops arrived few after later and asked Grace who killed the men and she pointed to Camilla and Walter.

“What! How?” Camilla yelled but the cops wouldn’t listen ,instead they handcuffed Walter and Camilla and drove them to the station.

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