July 26, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 90

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Venessar High School.

Episode 90

Flashback Continues.

Author Feather’s POV.

Professor Lucas was sitting at his office when his personal assistant came to inform him that one of the 6S band was requesting for his audience.

He asked which of them wanted to have a conversation with him and the man replied him that it was Stephen.

“Let him in” He said and the man left his presence , then escorted Stephen in after which he left.

“Good afternoon sir ” He greeted.

“How are you , Stephen.?” Professor Lucas asked.

“Fine sir. I actually want to bring something to your notice. ”

“Tell me ”

Stephen brought out his phone and played the video he had recorded of Sean and Kimberly kissing and showed it to Professor Lucas.

On seeing it , anger arose in professor Lucas that he felt like shooting the two of them dead at the moment.

If there is anything he hates most in his life ,it’s people disobeying the rules he had set.

“Bobby!” She shouted the name of his personal assistant and the man came running in.

“Tell all the 6S band to meet me right now ” He commanded and the man gave him a slight now and walked swiftly away to do as professor Lucas as commanded.

The 6S band arrived few seconds later and he gestured for them all to remain standing.

“It has come to my notice that one of you is actually disobeying my rules. ” He said shaking his feet in anger.

“Who among you is dating?” He asked and everyone remained quiet.

“I repeat , who among kissed your lover today?” He became specific and Sean began to feel casted. He knew at once that someone must have seen kim and him kissed and had reported him to professor Lucas.

“I” Sean answered and professor Lucas stood.

“You bastard. Why did you disobey my rules?”

“I follow my heart ” Sean replied not bothered with professor Lucas threat.

Professor Lucas grinned and looked away then gave a hot slap to Sean.

“As much as I want to sing to be happy. Kimberly is one of the people that made me happy every single second of my life ” Sean said.

“Keep your silly mouth shut!” Professor Lucas yelled at Sean.

“You can expel me from the band. As it stands now , I can even die for Kimberly” Sean said.

“Oh!” Professor Lucas’s face dropped. “It has got to that extent”

Professor Lucas thought of how it will be demeaning trying to look for another singer to replace Sean cause he’s the best in the band and everyone loves to associate themselves with him.

When they go to perform , as much as the audience loves to see the 6S band perform , their love for Sean is outstanding.

“Fine , you all can leave ” Professor Lucas said and the 6S band dispersed from him.

He walked to and fro thinking of what he could do to stop the relationship between Kimberly and Sean.

Kimberly is also very important for the SAS band.

He invited his personal assistant over and explained what just transpired to him.

Bobby advised him not to worry and that it’s a simple task. He suggested that they simply make Sean and Kimberly loose their memories and that they will forget forever that they have ever being in Love.

Professor Lucas face brightened in happiness on listening to the delight advise of Bobby that pleased him.

He commanded Bobby to carry out the task as soon as possible.

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