July 31, 2021

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Beautiful Mistake. Episode 2 and 3

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 2
Clara’s POV cont.
I was attended to faster and the dragged her to the emergency room. I was silently praying she wakes up. I don’t know what is happening but I feel connected to that girl. After what seemed like forever the doctor came out.
‘Are you related to her?’ The doctor asked.
‘Yes,’ I replied scared.
‘We were able to save her but she lost the baby,’ he said.
‘How is she now?’
‘Actually from the theory I know this is the second time she is loosing her memory. It seems she went through a lot before she lost her first memory and she has recalled. She is stable though asleep,’
‘Can I see her?’
‘Yeah, you can. Buy food she will wake up hungry due to the drugs,’
‘Ok and thank you,’
‘Its my job,’ he said and left.
I looked at my watch and it was almost 6:00 in the evening. I called Alex and he picked almost immediately.
‘Aunt you didn’t attend my wedding,’ he said though from his voice he wasn’t okay.
‘Am sorry son but am at the hospital,’ I said.
I was trying my best to remain strong, but inside I was weak.
‘Which hospital?’
‘I will send you the address,’ I said before hanging up.
Alex’s POV
I just got home and was from the bathroom when my aunt called. I stared at my wife who was at the dressing mirror but I feel irritated. I don’t feel anything for her, I wonder what changed. There was a girl who ran away during the wedding and it was almost cancelled. Who was she and why did her cry break my heart? I have so many questions but right now all am thinking about Is my aunt. She raised me up and made me who I am today. I picked my keys after dressing and was about to leave when she spoke.
‘Where are you going and this is the first night as husband and wife?’ She asked with a smirk.
‘My aunt is in the hospital and I have to see her,’ I said calmly.
‘How is your aunt supposed to be part of my business,’
I stared at her in shock. This is not Cindy. Cindy can sacrifice her life for someone else. I didn’t want to start arguing so I left without a word to the hospital.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 3
Karen’s POV
How could he leave me here. I hope that useless aunt of his dies, I don’t want her to be a threat. I called my mom.
????Mom he left.
????Why did you let him go?
????I tried to stop him but couldn’t. His aunt is in the hospital.
????And how is that supposed to be part of your business? If he happens to meet her then consider yourself single.
She said and hanged up.
I threw the phone away frustrated.
Alex’s POV
I met my aunt on the corridors with food bags.
‘What happened? Where are you taking all this stuffs?’
‘I brought a girl who was involved in an accident. The doctor said she will be angry when she wakes up,’ she said but seemed in pain.
‘Who is she?’
‘I don’t know all I know she had a wedding gown and right now she lost her memory and her baby,’
‘That’s bad,’
‘Am sorry I didn’t come to your wedding I could leave her alone,’
‘No problem, let’s go and see her,’ I said and she led the way.
As I got inside the ward I felt like my eyes has been opened. My Cindy, she looked pale with a bandage on her head. I felt a Sharp pain in my heart to see her in this condition. What really happened? I got married to her? I left her in the house? Does she have a twin?
‘I pity her and the baby,’ my aunt snapped me from my thoughts.
‘My baby,’ I don’t know how the words came out of my mouth.
‘Don’t keep me waiting on the alter,’ I said jokingly.
‘No I won’t, I have a surprise for you,’ she said happily.
‘What is it?’ I asked curiously.
‘I will tell you tomorrow,’
End of flashback.

Those were the last words we talked over the phone, the night before our wedding.
‘My baby,’ I said again as warm tears flowed freely.
‘Do you know her?’
‘I was supposed to marry her and the baby was mine,’
‘I don’t know aunt,’
‘Who did you marry?’
‘I don’t know,’
‘There is something fishy,’
I wish I could explain but I can’t.

Beautiful Mistake. Episode 4 and 5
Beautiful Mistake. Prologue and Episode 1

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