July 31, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 87

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He and her V

Written by OS Feathers

Episode 87

Camilla’s POV

On getting to the police station. I was escorted to the cops to the canter and was made to narrate my experience of what happened to which I did truthfully.

Walter scribbled down his own side of the story too and we were made to sit in a a temporary cell.

Few minutes later , Tucker arrived.

“This is so embarrassing. How will just one witness point to them that they were the killer?” Turner said angrily.

“Take it easy , sir. We are not hurting them , we only brought them to the station to listen to the own side of the story. ” One of the cops said to Tucker and he just looked away.

He walked towards where Walter and I sat.

“Hope you are fine baby?” He asked me and I nodded.

Just as we’re discussing , Grace entered also.

“Yeah, Mrs. Grace. Why did you point to Mr? Walter and Mrs. Camilla as the killer of this criminals because we have confirmed that they are criminals ” The cops said.

“Oh! You confirmed already?” Grace asked surprisingly.

“Of course, we do. As a matter of fact , they have being on our want list for a long period of time. We are currently putting them under so much torture ,we want to know who had sent them to hurt Mrs. vanilla” A cop who seem to be senior office there said.

Grace suddenly became uneasy and frustration could be seen on her face.

“Can we just forget about all these. ” Grace said.

“I do not understand you Mrs. Grace. More so , you left my initial question unanswered ” The senior cop persist

“I meant , let Camilla and Walter go , then let me pay for the bail of the criminals….but I thought they were dead?” Grace said and the senior cops walked closer to Grace.

“I seem not to understand you anymore. Firstly , they were only knocked down temporarily. Secondly, why would you bail a criminal and I ask again , why did you falsely accuse Mr. Walter and Mrs Camilla as the killer of the criminals?”

“Erm….” Grace was struggling for what to say when the senior cop ordered for her to be arrest.

“We can settle this ” She let repeating that like they should just allow her bribe them so everything can go back to normal but the senior officer isn’t ready to receive bribe.

After few minutes of questioning , we were released to go back home.

On getting home , Tucker carried me like a baby inside.

“She wants evil for you bug it ended up turning on her ” Tucker moved her and I chuckled.

“I was scared when she just pointed at me to be the killer , can you imagine. I can’t believe she’s the evil and we use to be friend ” I said.

“How I wish they could just let her leave our life and go elsewhere to stay. Our life is peaceful with just the two of us. I do not like Grace ” Tucker said.

“Same here. I dislike the girl with passion. She is selfish and wants everything to go her way. ” I said.

“Let’s just visit the club to celebrate ” Tucker said and I nodded.

I get dressed as soon as I can and we went together with Walter to the club to groove and have fun.

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