August 2, 2021

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My Secrete Angel. Episode 4

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???? Episode 4 ????
???? By Jennifer Owens ????

⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
I was so happy to see Christina after so many years.
She ran to me and I hugged her tight.
She surprised me by kissing me, I didn’t wanna make her feel bad so I just let her have it.
We disengaged from the kiss and continued the concert.
I eye searched for Kim but didn’t find her.
She didn’t come, good.
It’s better she focus on her studies cuz I don’t want any pest in my life.
We finished the concert and I went home with Christina.
Mom was so happy to see her.
We ate dinner together and she decided to spend the night in my house which I allowed.

I woke up the next day, freshened up and went downstairs to meet Christina and mom at the dinning.
We ate breakfast and went to school together cuz Christina already had her paperwork for school.
We reached school and got down from the car.
I saw Kim coming towards our direction.
What does she wants this time?
I was already expecting her to call me but to my greatest surprise she walked past me without taking a glance at me.
What the heck?
I turned to watch her go.

⏮️ Kim’s POV ⏭️
I saw that girl, what’s her name again?
Christina and Tyler coming, I walked past them without a word and I know Tyler must be surprised.
I knew they were looking at me as I walked past them.
I felt shy and my legs started shaking so I stepped on my shoe lace and fell flat on my tummy.
Everyone started laughing and I heard Tyler chuckling too.
My nose is already bleeding, my kneel and elbow hit the floor so hard that it hurts.
I stood up and ran away.
I went to a corner and sat still.
I took a paper towel and cleaned my nose.
I remembered what my dad told me when I got home yesterday with a sad face.
“Kim you are a strong girl that make people laugh cuz that’s your specialty and no one is worthy of making you sad”.
They laughed when I fell down coz I’m good at making people laugh so they could forget their sadness and I’ll be the one to take it after making them laugh.
I wiped the tears that kept falling down my cheeks and sniffed then breathed in and out.
I went to the washroom, tidied up and went to class for lecture.
We were having maths, my worse enemy.
“so Miss Kim, what will we get when we add a+b,it’s simple but it’s obvious you aren’t paying attention so what’s the answer ” the teacher asked and everyone’s gaze turned to ME.
Am I the only one in this class?
I slowly stood up and looked at everyone and then at Tyler.
I got an ideal when I looked at Tyler.
“wow, what if we add Tyler +Kim, what will we get, Tykim, no Kimty, no kimy, yes Kimy sounds good, Tyler and I make a perfect couple” I heard everyone laughing so I jolted back to reality.
OMG! All what I’ve been imagining, I’ve been saying it out loud ????.
I turned to look at him and he just shook his head negatively.
“miss Kim or kimy, kindly walk out of my class coz its obvious you are not needed here” the teacher said and I sighed.
“aiish ” I sighed and went out of the class.
Once again, I’ve made a fool out of myself .
Why can’t I forget about Tyler and concentrate?
I went to the school’s garden and sat there with my eyes closed.

⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
That Kim’s life is such a mess.
I felt a slight pain in my chest and stomach so I started coughing.
“um excuse me sir ” I said and winced in pain.
I got up and headed out.
I went to the washroom and splashed some water on my face.
I cleaned and went to the School’s garden to take some fresh air.
I sat at a corner and rested my head on the chair.
A tear slid down my cheek and I quickly wiped it.
I miss my sister a lot and I kinda killed her.
” when will I die and be free, I’ve had kidney problem since I was young so isn’t it time for me to die ” I asked myself as a tear slid down my cheek.
“I’m sorry Kate, I shouldn’t have accepted when you agreed to donate your kidney for me, I should have declined and now you’d still be alive, please forgive me” I said and a tear slid down then more and more.
“omma biyané, I have to leave you, you’ll be left all alone in this world coz dad and Kate already left and I’ll soon leave too ” I said as my tears kept pouring down.

⏮️ Kim’s POV ⏭️
I was still at the garden when I heard footsteps.
I peeped from the flower that divided the garden and saw Tyler.
I kept staring at him, admiring his cuteness.
My heart already stopped and my tears were already uncontrollable when I heard :
“my….. M…. My angel has kidney problem ”


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