June 13, 2021

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My Secrete Angel. Episode 5

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???? Episode 5 ????
???? By Jennifer Owens ????

⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
“I just wanna die and be free from all the pains” I said and sniffed.
I heard footsteps coming towards the garden so I quickly wiped my face, breathed in and out and sat up.
Christina came and sat beside me.
“Tyler are you alright, why are your eyes puffy ” she asked touching me.
“nothing, I coughed too much maybe that made my eyes red ” I lied.
“but why are you coughing so much, are you sick” she asked.
“nope I just ate something I wasn’t supposed to ” I lied again.
“OK come on its lunch time” she said and we got up and headed to the cafeteria.

⏮️ Kim’s POV ⏭️

I can’t believe my angel is suffering from kidney problems and he wants to die and leave me.
What do I do to help him?
I sat in the garden till I heard the bell jingle for closing time.
I sluggishly took my bag and went home.
I reached home and went straight to my room and laid in my bed.
My angel will soon live the world if nothing is done.

⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️

After closing time, I took Christina home and then I went home.
I could still feel pains in my chest.
I held my chest and coughed slightly.
I entered the house to meet my mom seated on the couch.
She sprung up immediately she saw me wince in pain.
“Tyler has the pains started again, should we go to the hospital ” she asked rapidly.
“no mom, I’m fine ” I said and headed for the stairs.
“Tyler how long will you disagree, do you wanna leave me all alone like your dad and sister did” she asked, already crying.
“I don’t wanna talk about that mom” I said.
“just let me give you one of my kidney so we can live happily, I don’t wanna loose you” she said crying.
“I don’t wanna loose you too mom, so forget about it ” I yelled.
“but if I don’t give you one of my kidney then you’ll die” she yelled.
“what if you die in the process of the surgery like Kate did ” I said as a tear slid down my cheek.
“I don’t care if I die” she seethed.
“but I do and I don’t wanna loose you like I lost Kate” I said and went upstairs to my room.
“Tyler ” I heard mom call but I paid no attention to her.
I went to my room, slammed the door and fell in my bed and let the tears pour.

⏮️ Tyler’s mom POV ⏭️

Tyler is just too scared of loosing me like he lost his sister.
His sister Kate was supposed to donate one of her kidney to him but she died during the surgery when the kidney was not yet transferred.
Tyler lost all hope.
I decided to donate mine now to save my only child I have left but he’s too scared.
Tyler was young when he lost his dad in an accident that’s why he doesn’t talk much about him coz he doesn’t know much about him.
Tyler should just let me help him and even if I die, I’ll know that I’ve saved my son’s life.
Oh God please, I don’t wanna loose my only child.

⏮️ Kim’s POV ⏭️

I sluggishly woke up the next day and freshened up, dressed up and sat on my bed.
My door flew open and dad came in.
“huh ” I sighed.
He sat beside me and pulled me in his arms.
“my baby is sad, if Kim of all people is sad then the whole world will be sad coz their happiness is sad ” my dad said and I smiled a little.
“come have breakfast, I prepared your favorite ” he said and pulled me up.
We ate breakfast together and dad was just trying to cheer me up but it wasn’t working.
If only he knows I will soon loose someone important to me.
After breakfast, I off my school uniform and went to my room.
I don’t feel like going anywhere.
I laid in my bed with a picture of Tyler in my hands.
Tyler, I don’t know what I’ll do if I loose you.
Even if you don’t look at me, I’ll always be here to protect you, I’ll always be your secret angel.

⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️

I’m already in my car heading to school.
I reached school and everywhere was calm.
I saw a junior boy and asked him where everyone was.
He said they were at the hall that the principal summoned everyone.
I went to the hall with the boy.
I went there and saw some female student lined up in a row and some were sad.
Even Christina was sad and I don’t know why.
One of the females that lined up, came out and took the microphone and started singing and gosh, her voice is horrible.
The teacher nodded negatively and the girl put on a sad face and joined the other females that were sad.
Oh I see.
It’s the president daughter’s birthday and our school was chosen to sing that day.
My principal called me last night to tell me to get prepared with my friends.
A female is needed to sing along with me and that’s what they are looking for, a beautiful voice.
I should have known, that’s why Christina was sad, she doesn’t have a good voice and I know it.
All the females were tested but none seem to have the golden beautiful voice needed for the song.
“since everyone has been tested but none of you seems to have the voice needed we must choose a person and I’ll announce the person tomorrow ” the principal said.
“so get back to class everyone and prepare for the concert ” the principal said and everyone started going out.
Christina ran to me and held my arm so we went to class together.
“um Tyler, I’ll be back” Christina said and left.

⏮️ Christina’s POV ⏭️

I have to go meet the principal and talk to him to choose me coz I won’t let anyone sing with my Tyler on stage.
It has to be me and no one else.
I reached the principal’s office and hesitated on knocking.
I heard people discussing so I put my ear to listen.
“but sir there’s one more person we’ve not yet tested” a teacher said.
“who” the principal asked.
I wonder who the person is.
“Kim Sertori, that clumsy girl ” the teacher said.
“oh I forgot, but it seems she’s not in school” the principal said.
“yeah she’s not so we have to wait till tomorrow and if she comes, we will test her” the teacher said.
I wonder who this Kim Sertori is.
Whoever she is, she better not have the voice needed.


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