July 31, 2021

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My Secrete Angel. Episode 7

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???? Episode 7 ????
???? By Jennifer Owens ????

⏮️ Kim’s POV ⏭️
I finished singing and left the principal’s office because that Christina needed to talk to him privately.
I entered class and there were murmurings then laughter.
I’m not gonna make a fool outta myself again.
I sat down and turned back to look at Tyler and our eyes met.
I looked away and rested my head on my desk.
Few mins later Christina came in smiling.
She went to Tyler and jumped up happily.
“I’m the one singing with you Tyler and I’m so happy” she said loud enough to everyone’s hearing.
There were murmurings in the class and I too was surprised.
But I’m supposed to be the one.
“how is that possible, you don’t have the voice needed” Tyler said.
“oh really, didn’t you hear me singing” she said and smiled.
“what” almost all the class yelled in unison.
“but you were disqualified in the test” a girl said and she earned a glare from Christina.
“yeah I was but I was given a second chance and I have the voice needed” she pouted.
What’s this girl saying, she just claimed my voice to be hers.
I wanted to say something but the door flew open and the principal and a teacher came in.
“good day class ” he greeted and we replied.
“so the person to sing with Tyler on stage has been chosen ” he announced and everyone cheered.
My heart beat increased.
“and the person is” he paused and looked at me.
“is Christina Perri ” he announced and I felt something hard hit my chest.
But I’m the one.
Why is the principal being partial.

⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
How is that possible? I know Christina from childhood, she doesn’t even know how to sing.
I know he’s lying and I must find the real singer.
I don’t know but it’s like I love her already.
Is that even possible? Falling love with someone you’ve not seen nor met.
Love is strange sometimes.
“so guys, the day is tomorrow so go and practice ” he said and left with the teacher.
The whole class got up and headed to the practice room.
I called my friends and we went there too.
I saw Kim, she was heading home and I could see she was crying.
I wanted to go after her but I have to practice.
I took my Guitar, my two other friends took theirs too and my other friend sat to beat the drum.
Christina came too and stood beside me.
I started singing.
*I woke up this morning and noticed that today was different *
*the birds are singing, winds blowing and the cloud is brighter than ever”
*I never knew today was meant for someone special, someone different*
I stopped for Christina to continue but she didn’t.
We stopped and asked her why she didn’t sing.
“um I feel sick and I forgot I needed to see my doctor, I already practiced the song at home so there’s no need in practicing again” she said smiling.
She took her bag and left.
Why would she sing when she knows she doesn’t have a beautiful voice.
My friends and I practiced and the class kept on cheering.
We finished and I went home.
I reached home but mom wasn’t at home.
She’s at work I know.
I freshened up, ate dinner that was prepared for me and went to bed.
Tomorrow is the day.
I wish I wasn’t singing with Christina but the real girl.
I wonder who she is.
I closed my eyes and slept off.

⏮️ Kim’s POV ⏭️
I reached home and laid on my bed with my school uniform still on.
I thought I’ll finally get the chance to sing with my Tyler but no.
I’m not going to the concert tomorrow and I’m not gonna sing.
I freshened up, ate dinner with dad and went to bed.
I woke up the next day, freshened up, ate breakfast with dad and accompanied him to his shop where he sells Korean food recipes.
I came back home and sat on the couch watching TV.
Before I knew it, I fell asleep.

⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
We were at the hotel where the birthday was being held.
We had few mins left so l presented our song but I don’t know what the principal is waiting for.
Christina is already here but he still insists on waiting.
We will be disqualified if we don’t present our song.

⏮️ Christina’s POV ⏭️

“she was still not picking” the principal said for the 11th time.
We’ve been calling Kim but she’s not picking up.
I can’t sing if she don’t come.
“please pick up Kim, today you are special and without you we can’t sing” the principal muttered.


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