July 31, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 2

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The possessive snob. ????????
Chapter 2.
???? By Jennifer Owens ????
???? Lola’s P. O. V cont????
I let the tears pour down like a never ending rain.
“Lolita Sanchez ” he called again and I sluggishly stepped out.
There was an awkward silence between us for some moment as we were looking at each other eye ball to eye ball.
The mic almost dropped from his hand but he caught it.
“you you are fired ” he stuttered.
I took the envelope and turned to run out but stopped on my track when I heard him say “wait ”
“see me in my office ” he ordered and left.
What the hell does he want now?
???? Andre’s P. O. V????
I felt my heart beat fast as she stepped out.
I’ve never seen someone as beautiful as she is. I almost drop the mic and I was hurt when she turned to walk away in tears.
I’ve never felt this way in ages and I don’t wanna tell this way towards anyone.
I want my heart to be cold as stone but it can’t seem to be cold towards Lolita Sanchez.
I saw her coming towards my office and I could see she was very hurt.

???? Lola’s P. O. V????
I hesitated before knocking on the glass door.
“come in ” I heard his cold voice and went in.
I didn’t bother taking a seat, I stood looking down at nothing specifically.. My legs were shaking real bad and my hands were shaking too. I’m even scared to look at him.

“miss Sanchez ” he called but I said nothing.
“why are you always late to work and skip work ” he asked and I tried to steady my shaky hands and laced but couldn’t.
OMG I’m really scared.
If I’m given an opportunity to go out this door, I promise I won’t even look back at this company.
There were no specific reasons why I’m an incompetent worker so I kept mute.
“speak ” he yelled and hit his fist on his desk making me jump in fear.
I felt tears well up in my eyes and goosebumps all over my body.

“I said speak up ” he yelled again.
His eyes were red now and I could tell he was pissed off.
“n-o–no spe-specific reasons ” I stuttered still trembling.
He smirked and stood up from his seat moving around me on circles and I felt a bit dizzy.
Oh, he’s the one who’s to get dizzy cos he’s the one moving in circles not me but you know me, I’m dramatic.
“no specific reasons ” he repeated with a wry smile.
“do you value this job ” he asked calmly.
“sir ” I asked not sure if I heard correctly.
“do you value this job ” he yelled making me flinch.
“yes ” I said with an hoarse voice.
He scoffed and went back to his seat.
He looked at me, heat to toe, eyes sagging me and it felt kinda awkward.
“go home, pack your things and I’ll send someone to pick you so you can move in with me ” he said staring at me waiting for my reaction. Wait, did I hear correctly?
Move in with the monster?
Moving in with him is like going to hell voluntarily.
“wh-why sir ” I asked
“do you need this job or not ” he asked between gritted teeth.
I could tell from the way he acts that he doesn’t like to be being questioned.
Do I really need this job?
Hell yeah I do.
I can’t risk scouring the streets just to survive.
“I need it ” I said almost in a whisper.
“good, from now on you’re my PA so go get your things ready ” he said without looking at me but at his laptop.
“OK sir ” I said and left.
I can’t afford to loose this job.
There’s always a way out to everything even living with the monstrous monster.
I hailed a cab home so I can lack my things and get ready to start a living with monster devil.

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