July 31, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 3

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The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 3.
???? By Jennifer Owens ????
???? Lola’s P. O. V cont ????
“we’re here ma’am ” I heard someone say, waking me from my sleep. It’s the driver who came to pick me so I can move on with that monster.
I looked at the mansion in front of me and gasped.
This is paradise.
The chauffeur carried my bags and led me to the mansion.
He opened the door and let me I’m.
My mouth fell open as I gazed at the heaven on earth in front of me.
I’ve never seen a house so beautiful as this in my entire life.
“I can see you love what you see “a familiar deep voice said behind me and it was Andre.
“follow me I’ll show you to your room ” he smirked heading upstairs and I trailed behind him.
“this is my room ” he pointed at a door as we walked pass it.
“and this is your room ” he pointed at the room beside his own room.
“th-thanks ” I said nervously and entered the room.
Gosh! This is three times my apartment.
“I bet it is ” I heard him say.
OK looks like I said that out loud.
He shook his head and left.
Thank God, I though he’ll never leave.
“arrogant son of a bitch ” I cursed under my breath.
“thank you ” I said to the chauffeur who brought in my bags.
I went straight to the shower and freshened up.
I got dressed and without unpacking my things, I fell on my bed and slept off.
I was dead tired and needed to rest.
I woke up by a cold touch caressing my cheek.
I opened my eyes to see Andre in my bed. I flinched and sat up immediately.
What the heck is he doing caressing my cheek?
“uhm I made you hot tea ” he said, giving me a mug.
“as if I asked for it ” I muttered under my breath.
“take it ” he ordered when I didn’t make any move in taking it from him.
I nervously took it with a trembling hand.
The mug was shaking due to my trembling hand.
He out his hand on mine to steady the mug and he helped me took it to my mouth.
OK I’ve never seen this side of Andre before.
Why is he being nice to me?
He got up from the bed and took a present that I didn’t notice was on the couch.
“here, I hope you still got some energy to attend a function with me ” he said dropping it beside me in the bed.

“well I don’t coz I’m dead tired so o can’t attend it with you ” I remarked rudely and the next thing I felt was a hard grip on my left arm.
Our faces were just centimeters away and I could feel his breath all over my face.
“I want you downstairs in the next 5 minutes, we have 15 mins left to get there and trust me, you don’t wanna see the other side of me ” he said and left in anger.
I dropped the mug on the small table beside my bed and folded my hands across my chest.
I’m not going, I want to see the other side of him.
Who does he think he is, he thinks he can control my life?
Hell no, I’m the master of ME.
I’ll stay here and wait.
I ain’t going anywhere.
I also I’ve my other side that I’m yet to show.
So let him come, I’m waiting.

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