August 1, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 4

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The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 4.
???? By Jennifer Owens ????
???? Lola’s P. O. V cont????
But wait, what other side of me do I have to show.
Do I really wanna piss off Andre Salvatore of all people?
Hell no!
Well I don’t want another hard grip on my arm so I sprung up and went to get a quick shower..
I open the present to reveal a black dinner gown.
I wore it and it fitted perfectly well.
I applied my make up, tied my hair in a messy bun leaving some few strands at each side.
I wore my black heels and took my purse.
I rushed outta my room and down the stairs.
I slid and was expecting to land on the floor but a hand held my waist preventing me from falling.
I slowly opened my eyes to see Andre dressed in a white suit.
Gosh he was damn hot that I couldn’t help but drool forgetting I was still in his arms.
“don’t drool 2 much coz you’ll get to see it everyday ” he smirked and I blushed a little..
I stood properly and rolled my eyes at him.
He looked into my eyes and came very close to me like he was gonna bite me.
“I told you to get down in 5 mins but you were 3 mins late, don’t repeat that ” he said sternly and walked away.
What an attitude!
“may I ” Andre asked offering his arm for me to hold onto as he opened the car door for me to step out.
We are now at the function and there were paparazzi everywhere.
I slapped his hand away, smirked and stepped out brushing past him.
A hand pulled me back and he forcefully slid my hand into his arm giving me a deadly glare.
Photos were taken as we walked into the function.
“Andre Salvatore ” a man in his 50s called as we entered.
“oh Giuseppe ” Andre called leaving me and headed to the man.
“arrogant son of a bitch” I cursed.
I turned to my left and bumped into someone.
“I’m sorry I’m so sorry ” I apologized.
“it’s okay beauty ” the person said
I looked at him smiling.
He’s just a boy, probably 17 or 18.
“so what’s your name my lady ” he asked smiling
“I’m Lola ”
“and I’m Aaron ” he said and winked at me.
“if you don’t mind, may I have this dance ”
“of course “.
He led me to the dance floor with his hands on my waist and my hand around his neck.
We danced slowly to the bit of the song.
I felt a hand hold my left arm from behind and pulled me away form Aaron crashing my back to his front.
“let me go Andre, let me go ” I struggled to get loose from Andre’s hold but he was damn strong.
“she’s mine boy so buzz off ” he ordered and within a jiffy, Aaron was outta sight.
Did I hear correctly?
I’m his?
I belong to no one.
“dance with me “he ordered.
“no way ” I remarked angrily and managed to get loose from his hold..
He pulled me back, tightened his grip on my waist but not too tight to hurt me and placed my hands around his neck.
We danced forcefully for some minute with me avoiding his gaze.
A man came to get him and he left.
“thank goodness ” I breathed out the breath I didn’t realise I was holding.
I sighted Aaron and went to him.
“hey ” I said and he smiled.
“just wanna apologize for earlier ”
“it’s okay ” he smiled.
“so uhm I’ll be leaving now before Andre catch me with you then kill me ” he said and we laughed.
“OK ” I said and embraced him.
The hug lasted for some seconds until someone ripped Aaron off me and threw him to the ground.
Andre landed on him, giving him punch after punch
“Andre stop ” I cried but he wasn’t listening.
Aaron’s face was already bloody and my heart aches so much seeing a young boy in so much pain.
Some men even the security came to stop him but he pushed them away.
He took wine glasses smashing them to pieces, he took a vase and threw it hard at the wall causing the vase to shatter and a piece from it pierced my arm.
He was so shocked when he saw I was hurt.
I could see hurt and guilt in his eyes.
“loli ”
I stormed out of the function in anger before he could say anything.
I’m really done with this.
I can’t continue with this, I can’t compromise living with the monster anymore.
That’s it, I quit.
I rather scour the streets to survive than live with the monster.
I quit and it’s final.

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