August 3, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 5

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The possessive snob ???? ????
Chapter 5
???? By Jennifer Owens ????
???? Andre’s P. O. V????
What is wrong with me?
I can’t believe I hurt Lola.
The fear of repeating the past keeps haunting me.
I don’t what’s wrong with me but I can’t bear seeing Lola with another guy.
Seeing her cry hurts so much and I can’t believe I’m the cause of her pain.
“loli” I tried calling her but she stormed out in tears.
I trailed behind her calling her but she wasn’t ready to give me a chance.
She opened the car door and went in.
I opened it too and went in.
???? Lola’s P. O. V????
I opened the car door and went in and that monster did too.
“Lola I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you, I didn’t know what came over me ” he blabbed but I didn’t say anything.
“Lola please talk to me, your silence is killing me ”
When he saw I wasn’t ready to say anything, he signaled the chauffeur to take us home.
I mean his home not mine coz once I reach that hell I once called paradise, I’ll pack my things and leave.
But wait, are my ears deceiving me or what?
Did I just hear Andre Salvatore apologise?
That’s a first.
We pulled in the drive way and I got down with Andre calling my name from behind.
I went upstairs, took my bags.
Thank God I didn’t unpack my things before.
I slowly rolled them downstairs and I almost laughed at Andre’s expression.
You should have seen his face when he saw me coming down stairs with my bags.
“what’s all this Lola ” he asked, now fuming with anger.
“Andre Salvatore, I quit, I don’t wanna be your fucking PA anymore ” I remarked rudely and I swear I regretted it coz the next thing I knew was a hard grip on my arms.
“don’t you ever speak me to like that again OK, you’re going no where until I say so ” he blurted out.
“you can’t control me, I’m the master of ME, so get the fuck outta my way ” I spat out and it pisses him off.
Andre’s grip on my arm tightened making me squirm.
He glared down at me as if daring me to defy him again.
His grip was too tight that it was hurting like hell and I think he didn’t notice it.
“you – are -going -no – where ” he said sternly.
A tear slid down my cheek and I think I saw Andre’s eyes soften a bit.
“you’re hurting me ” I cried out and he immediately let go of my arms.
I couldn’t help but cry.
“Lola I’m so sorry ” he said and hugged me.
He felt so warm that I didn’t wanna let go.
I felt relaxed in his arms and rested my head on his chest enjoying the sweetness while it last.
He disengaged from the hug and wiped my tears.
I can’t believe I’m melting from Andre’s touch.
He walked me to the sofa and sat me down.
He got the first aid kit and treated my little injury.
“I’m sorry Lola ” he said and that’s when I remembered what he did to Aaron.
No I can’t just forget it like that.
I sprung up and he looked at me surprised.
“no Andre, saying sorry won’t solve anything, saying sorry won’t stop Aaron from feeling the pain you caused him, you are a monster and you can never change ”
“Lola !” he yelled.
“what, are you gonna hurt me like you hurt Aaron , cause that’s what you’re good at, hurting people, not caring about how they feel ” I said as a tear slid down my cheek.
“no Lola I can never hurt you ” he said softly coming closer to me and I almost melted at his words.
He can never hurt me but hell, he just did.
“no no no no don’t you dare touch me, I made a mistake in accepting to live with a monster like you, if you want, you can throw me outta your house but if you don’t, trust me, I’ll leave ” I blurted out angrily and he folded his fist in a ball.
“I’m gonna look for a better job, even if it’s not as good as yours and once I find it, I’ll trash outta here ”
“no one’s going anywhere and you’re not going anywhere either, I control everyone, do I need to remind you who I am, I’m Andre Salvatore and I don’t need to tell you what I’m capable of, defy me once Lolita Sanchez and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life ” he spat out and stormed out.
I felt to the floor and cried.
My life is ruined.
I should’ve known from the day that mom and dad left me that it wouldn’t be easy.
Now I’m stuck with a monster.


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