July 27, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 6

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The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 6 ????
???? By Jennifer Owens ????
???? Lola’s P. O. V????
I woke up the next day and freshened up.
My eyes were red and puffy due to my cries last night.
It’s so cold and this is a perfect time for a hot tea but that arrogant son of a bitch didn’t bother bringing me tea like the first day.
What do I even care?
I dressed up and went downstairs to see Andre dressed for work.
And I thought we were on holidays.
Our eyes met and he looked away.
“why aren’t you dressed for work yet ” he asked coldly.
“I didn’t know we were …”
“you’re my PA and should know when and when not to work, now go get dressed ” he half yelled.
Why is he being so cold all of a sudden?
Gosh! I’ve not even eaten yet.
I dressed in a black straight skirt that stopped just below my knees and a white button up shirt.
I packed my hair in a pony tail, took my bag and some important files and rushed downstairs.
We walked to the car and got in.
“eat up ” he threw an ham sandwich on my thighs and looked away.
I ate it and drank the water that was in the back seat pocket.
We arrived at work and Andre got out leaving me behind.
What do I expect?
This is what I should always expect anyway, his cold and harsh treatments.
“hey girl” Brianna smiled at me and I returned the smile.
I took the files and went to Andre’s office.
I knocked and he signaled me to come in.
I arranged the files on his table.
“uhm Andre ” I called.
“Mister Salvatore ” he corrected in a hard tone.
“well Mr Salvatore, you have a meeting with Mr Giuseppe Santos at 11:00 am” I said but he acted like I was invisible with his eyes glued to his laptop.
Who cares? I glared at him and went out.
Anna and I were chatting and laughing to ourselves until my telephone rang.
“yes sir ”
“my office ” he said and hung up.
I gave Brianna a look and she understood it.
“he’s not gonna kill you in public ” she said and I smiled.
“oh yeah he can ” she teased and we laughed.
I went to his office to meet Andre all flared up, clenched jaw, red eyes and his fist in a ball.
Seeing how angry he was, I fearfully entered his office.
“s-sir” I stuttered.
“what’s the time ” he asked trying to keep his cool but anger was clear in his tone.
“12:8” I replied.
“where was I supposed to be at 11:00”
“in a meeting with Mr Giuseppe ”
“then why am I not there ” he yelled and hit his fist on his table making me jump.
“what is your need here if you can’t do a simple task ” he yelled and I flinched.
“well I told you but ”
“you were suppose to remind me ” he yelled harshly.
I didn’t know when tears started streaming down my cheeks.
“you’re so incompetent and you just….” he was saying but stopped when he saw me in tears.
He ran his hand through his hair and muttered something under his breath.
“leave ” he ordered and I ran out straight to the restroom ????.
Darn it! Why am I so emotional?
I don’t wanna feel weak in front of that monster.
I dried my tears and went back to my post.
Work went smoothly, with Andre attending board meetings and me behind him doing some simple presentations and blah blah blah.
We finally closed and the drive home was quiet with me stealing glances at Andre but he was busy looking outside.
The driver pulled in the drive way and as usual, Andre left me behind. I got down from the car and went to my room.
I freshened up and laid in my bed.
My phone rang and it was Anna.
“no gist so don’t ask me anything ” I said into the phone.
“didn’t call for that bitch, well I’m gonna waste myself at the club and wanted to ask if you’d like to join the show ”
“I don’t think that monster we’ve got as boss will let me out so I’ll pass ” I sighed.
“OK see ya ” she said and hung up.
“crazy girl ”
I went out of my room and slowly and quietly opened Andre’s door then peeped in but he wasn’t there.
I went downstairs and saw him concentrated on his laptop like his life depended on it.
He saw me but pretended like I don’t exist.
I feel so lonely.
I went back to my room and called Anna.
“send me the club name, I wanna get myself wasted as well” I said and she chuckled over the phone.
My phone beeped and it was the name of the club ♣.
I went to my wardrobe and took a short strapless black gown that reached my thigh and brough out all my curves.
I let my hair fall on my shoulders.
I check myself out in the mirror and damn, I looked smoking hot.
Now I just have to sneak out using the back door.

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