July 22, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 9

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The possessive snob ❄ ❄
Chapter 9.
By Jennifer Owens ❄ ❄
❄ ❄ Lola’s P. O. V????????
“oh God ” I winced and held my head in pain as I sat up on my bed.
Gosh! I drank too much last night.
I looked to my right and on the table was tea.
I tool it and sipped it slowly cuz it was hot, Andre must have made it for me.
I smiled as I remembered what happened between us last night.
“come to your senses girl ” I mentally slapped myself.
Speaking of Andre, where’s that coldie monstie.
I glanced at the clock and sprung up on my feet almost pouring the tea on myself.
Gosh! I’m late for work.
I dropped the tea and rushed out.
I knocked on Andre’s door but got no response so I went in.
It was empty.
I went downstairs, looked everywhere but couldn’t find Andre so I went back to my room.
I sat down on the bed and took my phone to call him.
Why should I call him?
I threw my phone on the bed and eased.
I sighed a note under my pillow and I took it.
“Lola don’t you dare leave the house, you seem tired so I let you sleep but don’t even smell the gate talk more of the word OUTSIDE” the paper read.
Coldie monstie, that’s his nick name now.
Hmm so he does care for me?
Hell no, he’s just doing that for his own gain which is… Which is…. Well I don’t know but he’s not concerned about me…..right?

I freshened up, put on my clothes and ran downstairs cheerfully.
I’m home alone with no monster.
I can go anywhere I want to go, do whatever I want to do, I’m free.
My stomach growled and I realised I’ve not eaten anything.
I took my phone and placed an order for pizza ????.
I laid on the couch waiting impatiently for the pizza.
Soon the door bell rang and I sprung up and opened the door.
I yanked the pizza from his hands and immediately opened it and started eating while standing.
The pizza boy cleared his throat and it dawned on me that I’ve not paid him yet.
“uhm how much is it ” I asked with my mouth full.
“20$” he blurted out and the pizza dropped off my hands.
“why is it so expensive ” I asked.
“well this is a special one for the Salvatore’s house coz that’s what Lisa always orders ” he said.
OK first, who’s Lisa?
“uhm wait here ” I said and closed the door.
Where do I get that money from.
I only have 2$ on me NOW!
An idea popped into my head and I went straight to Andre’s room.
I checked his drawers but nothing!
I opened his wardrobe checking his clothes and pants one after the other and throwing them on the floor.
I’ll rearrange then later.
“Ta da!” I screamed as I saw a wallet inside the last clothe I was yet to check which is a blue suede suit.
I took 20$ and gave it to the boy then picked up my pizza and resumed eating.
You won’t believe but I ate it all.
I wanted to go arrange Andre’s room that I messed up but then my phone rang and I sat down to pick the call.
“hello” I said into the phone.
“hey cup cake ” the person said and it’s none other than Eric, cause that’s his accent. “weirdo “.
“hey ”
“how are you doing angel ” he asked and I chuckled.
He can’t even talk to a woman properly.
“I’m good, you ”
” I’m good but I’ll feel more better if you agree to go on a date with me ” he said and I laughed.
“what’s funny angel ” he asked.
“nothing ” I replied.
“so is it a yes ”
“nope ”
“please ”
“nope ”
“please ”
“OK OK ”
“wow thank you so much I’ll pick you up by 8, see ya ” he said and hung up.
What a weirdo?
Now I’m caught up with yet another mess.
How do I tell Andre I’m going out on a date?
Or better still I should just sneak out.
Hell no, after what happened last night?
Maybe I should just dress up and say to his face I’m going on a date.
The door bell rang and I jumped in shock.
I opened the door to see a very handsome coldie monstie, how come I never knew he was handsome?
Scratch that, everyone knows Andre’s handsome, cute and hot and I’m secretly drooling over him.
“can I come inside my house ” he asked and then realisation hit me that I’ve not arranged the mess in his room.

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