June 18, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Prologue And Chapter 1

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The Possessive Snob. Chapter 2

A story filled with suspense and romance.
TITLE: The possessive snob ???? ????
By Jennifer Owens ???? ????
Lolita Sanchez is an orphan
who life has been unfair to as she already lost both parents. She strives to survive , taking life as it comes.

Andre Salvatore is a monster in human form as he has been plainly described by his workers and others .

He is a well known billionaire who owns half the city in LA. He’s known for his mischievous acts and regarded as a monster .

Fate played a role in Lola’s life by getting her employed in Andre’s company….

She can’t hope for better getting to work for the monster but her problem toppled when she was asked to live in the same house with the “monster ” whom she can’t even stand his very presence….

How will poor Lolita cope and why on earth is handsome Andre seen as a monster ,is he really one?

Is this fate or death
Love or pain
What is Lolita’s fate in the hands of Andre Salvatore?

Read to find out. in this suspense filled, heart throbbing and romantic story ” the possessive snob ”

The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 1
????By Jennifer Owens ????

❤ Lola’s P. O. V❤
“aah ” I groaned as my alarm rang in my ear.
I sat up in my bed with my head swaying left and right.
The alarm buzzed again and I got myself. I glanced at my clock and Gosh it was 8:24.
OMG! I screamed and sprung up from my bed.
Apparently, the alarm has been ringing but I was too deep in sleep to hear it.
Now I’m late AGAIN!
I came out of the bathroom, dressed in black high waist skirt that stopped above my knee and a white long sleeve button up shirt.
I wore my white heels and took my bag.
I didn’t even bother eating coz I’m hell late for work.
I got down from the taxi I hailed earlier.
I paid and ran into the building.
I work in a company, I know much about business that’s why the manager hasn’t sacked me yet.
I always come late and even sleep at work but still he didn’t sack me coz I’m intelligent and he’s kind.
I rushed to my seat panting.
I landed on my seat to catch my breath.
“take this ” Brianna my coworker said handing me a bottle of chilled water.
I snatched it and gulped it all down.
“here coz I know you didn’t eat ” she handed me a sandwich and another bottle of chilled water.
I took it smiling and ate then drank the water and rested my head on my seat.
Now that I’m satisfied and I’m already at work, I can talk.
So I’m Lolita Sanchez but I prefer being called Lola.
I’m 20, no parents, no siblings.
I’m fun to be with and I’m very emotional.
“OMG he’s here ” Brianna gasped looking damn scared.
“who Ann ” I asked.
“sir Andre Salvatore ”
I felt my heart sink, my mouth opened and my eyes widened at the mention of that name.
“wait, you mean Andre Salvatore, the youngest billionaire in the city, the owner of half the city and the CEO of this company ” I asked blinking rapidly.
“who else ” she asked arranging her dress, desk, computer, files etc.
My heart beat increased, I touched my forehead and gosh I was sweating and panting heavily.
Sir Andre is a well known billionaire, he’s the owner of almost all the companies in LA.
He’s arrogant, rude, heartless and full of himself, he’s a monster in human form. He shows no mercy when you’re wrong and the worse part of it is that he’s the CEO of this company.
“what are you doing sitting down, arrange your spot cuz sir Andre is here to fire incompetent workers ” she blurted out and my temperature increased.
He’s here to fire workers? What if he sacks me? Hell no, it says incompetent workers and I’m not.
Who the hell am I kidding, hell yeah I’m an incompetent worker, I come late to work, I sleep on duty and I even skip work.
Gosh, I’ve got all the qualifications of an incompetent worker.
I can’t afford to loose this job, it’s my only means of survival.
If I loose this job, I’ll go back to being the lonely orphan scouring the streets for food, money and job and trust me, it’s like hell.
Everyone stood up and everywhere went quiet as sir Andre came in with our manager.
“good morning sir ” everyone greeted bowing as he walked past us without a word.
I’m really gonna loose this job.
A minute or so, sir Andre and our manager came out and asked everyone to pay attention.
Sir Andre took the mic and started.
“as you all know me already, I don’t like wasting time on useless issues and besides, no one can question my authority ” he said sternly and everywhere got tensed.
My legs were already waggling threatening to fall me.
“Alexander Cosby ” he called and Alex ran out to him immediately.
“you’re fired ” he said and our manager handed him an envelope, I’m sure it’s his pay.
“Damon Gillies ” he called again and sacked him.
He kept on calling and sacking
I was waiting eagerly for my name cuz there’s no way I won’t be fired.
“and the last but not the least, Carol Chadwick ” he called and she came out in tears, took the envelope and ran out.
I didn’t even realise tears were already streaming down my cheeks until Brianna gently squeezed my hand to console me.
It’s now left with the last person
I felt my heart came up to my throat and I couldn’t even breath properly.
“Lolita Sanchez ” he finally blew the bomb and it exploded my heart.
How are my gonna survive now?

How was this chapter guys?.
Do you think Andre will really sack her?

The Possessive Snob. Chapter 2

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