August 1, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 91

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Venessar High School

Written by Feathers

Episode 91

Author Feather’s POV

Bobby carried on the order of Professor Lucas diligently. Sean and Kim lost their memory. It was so horrible that they could hardly recognize nor remember anything.

Professor Lucas was glad of what had happened to Sean and Kim. Sean became loyal again to the 6S band but he became sad. He knew he lost something in the last but he can’t even recollect it.

He knew someone it something use to make him happy but he may not find it anytime soon.

Sadness abode in him day and night. He had tried to be happy but it won’t work. He kept contemplating suicide every day and night hoping that he finds happiness someday but it seems far fetched.

Until fate made Kimberly and him meet again.


Professor Lucas who was oblivious of the fact that he was the one that gave birth to Kimberly and Stephen ordered that Kimberly and Sean be made to loose their memory again so everything can turn out as he had always wanted it.


Kimberly’s POV

It was a beautiful morning. I yawned as I tossed to and fro my bed.

Sean who had gone to ease himself at the bathroom came to the bed and pecked me on my forehead.

Our marriage had being a glorious one over the years. We have had a consensus not to have a baby yet cause we consider ourselves pretty young to nurture a baby.

But we have fun every single day of our lives.

We suddenly start to hear heavy kicks at the door of the entrance of the house.

“Something is wrong ” I quickly said to Sean and he nodded.

“Got informed yesterday that Professor Lucas is our of prison , we would expect the worst ” Sean replied.

I picked up my phone and hurriedly put a call across to Autumn.

It rang twice before she picked it up.

‘Hi baby, you should know I’ all be sleeping by now ” She dragged her words like someone feeling sleepy.

“Common , open your puffy eyes , we are in danger ” I said.

“Danged ,what’s wrong?”

“Professor Lucas had being released from prison , are you aware? Now some unknown people are trying to find their way inside. ” I said to her

“Have you informed the cops?”

“No, wanna hear from you first ”

“Inform the cops. I’ll join you soon” She said and hung up.

I hurriedly put a call across to the cops and explained the urgency of the danger that we were to them. They promise to keep us safe and that we should just find somewhere to hide.

“Where do we hide now?” I asked Sean and he stood and told me to follow him.

He lead me to the to!let and we closed the door on ourselves hoping they would not see any reason to check the toilet toll either the cops or Kimberly shows up.

Autumn’s POV

“Stephen, Professor Lucas is at it again. He had sent folks to hurt Kimberly and Sean , I need to safe them” I said and kissed Stephen in his lips.

I changed my dressing and armed myself. I stepped down the stairs of the house as fast as I could and straight to the car.

On getting to the car , I hopped in and drove crazily and so fast to Kimberly’s place.

On getting there , I saw that the gate had to be forcefully broken

I carefully parked the car outside and ran inside.

I began to look around left and right as I walk towards the room finding where the enemies are. I didn’t see at traces that they were around but I have a feeling that the were.

I finally entered a dark room, I was wondering why it was this dark when it suddenly got lightened.

“Just as we expected. Welcome ” I saw one of the men said.

They were heavily armed and surrounding the room.

I looked around the room and still didn’t see Sean and Kimberly. I hope they had not hurt them?

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