July 31, 2021

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My Master. Episode 29

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Darrien; (I’m so excited about writing this)

I wasn’t very surprised about the irregularity, after all I was the one that had caused it. I knew my strongest opponent would be Lord Markus, so I simply got him out of the running by using my IT guy who was disguised as my driver and was seated in my car right at that moment.

I needed to win this. Not just for my freedom, but because I also felt like I was redeeming myself. I was redeeming myself by giving two people who were considered as taboo a chance.

A chance I had never given myself because I was weak. A chance that I had robbed myself of because of my own lack of courage.

I adored Talia. She was so pure and innocent, even after having been through the dirtiest of things. If she did not belong to Kayden, I would have taken her for myself. Her beauty was absolutely entrancing. I had seen it that very first night Kayden had introduced her to us.

As for Kayden, I really held nothing against my cousin. In actual fact, I yearned for my brother. He was a brother to me. A brother I wish I had.

Kevin didn’t really appeal to me as my brother. He had this darkness in his eyes, this huge craving for power, one that I saw in dad all the time. He definitely was my father’s son.

If only Kayden would give me a chance after this. A chance for me to show him that I might be my father’s son, but I am nothing like my father.

“I’m proud of you son” my dad’s voice came knocking me out of my thoughts.

“Thank you Father. This is our victory after all” I said, forcing an almost real smile.

“You know what to do right?” He whispered and I nodded my head.

“Of course” I said and turned towards Lord Markus who, surprisingly, had come to congratulate me.

After what seemed like hours of fake smiles and unfriendly handshakes, I finally walked into the my assigned room. This was my first and last night in this room. The following night I was going to be moved to a new room. A room fit for the Head of Council.

I snorted at how absolutely surreal everything seemed. How these ancient fools had manged to get tricked by my father was beyond me.

There was a loud knock on my door on my door. The person did not wait for my response and just let themselves in. My nose picked up the scent and I almost growled in annoyance.

“Son, we need to talk.” My father’s voice said.

“What is it Father?,” I asked though I really was not interested in hearing what exactly was bothering the old man.

“It’s about Kayden” he said and my head whipped towards him almost immediately.

“What about my abomination of a cousin” I asked feigning disgust.

“He is planning something. I do not know what exactly but I think he wants to expose us at tomorrow’s gathering.”

“What makes you think he is planning something father?” I asked.

“He knows about…” my father paused, as if he was deliberating on whether to finish his sentence or not.

“Your use of dark magic to get me into power?” I finished for him and his expression turned to one of pure shock.

“How did you find out about that” he asked and a felt a sense of pride knowing I had taken my father by surprise for once.

“I’m not as naive as you think father. And I know that Kayden knows. He approached me today to let me know” I said adding a little white lie.

“Well what are we going to do about it? I was thinking we should use Alicia…”

“Wait, who is Alicia?” I asked cutting him short.

“She is the witch who has been working for me” he said a bit hesitantly, probably afraid to divulge to much information.

“Now as I was saying, if we use Alicia, she can kill his little human mate and that unborn abomination. He cares about those filthy things way too much that he will abandon his plan to expose us. And then…”

I had stopped listening the minute my father had mentioned the word kill. He wanted to kill Talia and her unborn child.

I realised then that exposing my father for his evil ways tomorrow may be a bit risky.

“When are planning on doing this father? ” I asked him.

“Tonight. Kayden is probably trying to expose us tomorrow. He has hired the help of a powerful witch called Terrisa. If we don’t do this tonight, you’ll be the shortest reigning Council Head in history.”

I sighed again.

My father was right. Kayden had contacted Terrisa in the hopes of getting her to help us to expose my father and his evil ways.

And judging by the way my father was speaking, Talia would be dead before day break.

“Don’t kill the pet father, that is an easy way out for Kayden. I want him to suffer. Leave everything in my hands and I will take care of it. I assure you, Kayden and his witch will not succeed in their plans.”

“Good. But I will make Alicia do one thing tonight” he said.

“And what is that?”

“Your word will be law in the council meeting tomorrow. Everyone will accept your decision, except Kayden of course. He is of our bloodline and i cannot cast a spell on him. Blood laws do not permit me” he hissed the last part, clearly not pleased about his inability to harm Kayden.

My mind drifted to his words.

‘Your word shall be law’

I was able to control everyone. I could actually benefit from all this.

Forgive me brother, for what I am about to do to you!



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