June 14, 2021

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My Master. Episode 30

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I woke up the next evening at around 6 pm. I had slept throughout the day light, as was customary during the Council Meeting.

There was a sense of dread that was washing over me. I was afraid for some reason. Even though I knew my trial wasn’t until tomorrow, I still felt like today something wrong would happen.

I got up to prepare for the evening with my non existent heart pounding.

As 8 pm approached, I became seriously worried. Something was definitely wrong.

I was knocked out of my thoughts by a loud knock on the door.

“Come in” I shouted.

The door opened and I hissed under my breath when I saw who it was.

“Lord Kayden…” the maid began but I cut her short.

“No maid, you cannot come to my room after the Council meeting. ”

“It’s not that, my Lord” she said sounding hurt.

“Then what is it?” I asked raising a brow at her.

“The new Council Head has ordered that we deliver a letters to our assigned Masters” she said.

I frowned.

Darrien had sent a message to everyone? What could’ve been so important that he could not wait until the meeting, which was just a few minutes away.

“Here it is, my Lord” she said handing me folded sheet of paper, her head bowed in respect.

“Thank you, you may leave” I said taking the paper from her outstretched hand.

I turned away from her as she walked out, my eyes glued to the folded paper in my hand.

I opened it.

And I read it.

I could not believe what I was reading.

What the fuck was Darrien thinking?


As I entered the Council room, all eyes settled on me.

I was the purpose of tonight’s meeting after all.

I sat down and watched as Darrien, accompanied by a huge guard entered the room.

He stood at the podium in the middle of the room, and I frowned at his expression. He looked uncertain and looked like there was an inner battle within him.

“I take it you received my letters?” He asked the room, which had suddenly gone quiet. And Darrien’s expression had changed completely to one of dominance and power.

“Is there anyone in this room who is saying they did not receive a letter from my office?”


“I shall take that as a no then”

Silence again.

What the hell was going on here. It suddenly seemed like the whole Council had grown from talkative and inquisitive men, to pliant and submissive play dolls.

“Today’s order of business is the case and trial of Lord Kayden of Vinnona” he announced.

“As I mentioned in the letter, I feel this is matter of urgent concern and should be addressed immediately. And that is why I moved it to today.”

Again, no one objected. They all simply nodded.

“Lord Kayden of Vinnona, please step forward” Darrien ordered. I frowned once more. This is not even his job. It is the job of the Council Board of Prosecution, which was currently seated flat on its asses watching the action.

I stood up and went to the prosecution ring where I stood and faced Darrien and the rest of the Council – if that is what they are still called anyway.

“I only have a few questions for you Lord Kayden, after which I shall pass judgement. ”

“Don’t you mean you shall go deliberate with the chosen jury?” I asked

Darrien’s eyes grew wide with fear.

“Of course,that is what I said” he said recovering quickly.

What an inexperienced power hungry man. How is the Council not seeing this again?

“Now answer the questions please, your Lordship. Is it true that you bought a pet from your brother Kevin some two months ago?” He asked.

“Yes” I replied.

“Is it true that you have never drank from her?”

“No” I replied with ease. 2

“Is it true then that you have only drank from her for the sole purpose of feeding, only once?” He asked.

This guy was really trying to screw me over. This power he now had really gotten to his head overnight.

“Yes” I answered.

The whole room rose into murmurs of disapproval.

Ohh so now you talk? I said to myself reffering to the men in the room who had suddenly become vocal again.

“Is it true that your pet is carrying your child in her womb?” Darrien asked after the murmurs had died down.

“Yes” I answered honestly. I felt like I had nothing to hide.

“And lastly, is it true that you marked you pet, as your mate?” He questioned.

I clenched my jaw.

“Yes” I finally said.

The room rose into cries of outrage.

I hung my head low, ashamed.

Not ashamed of Talia and our baby, but ashamed of the fact that I had been dumb enough to trust Darrien. Ashamed that I had been so dumb I had failed to see what was right before my eyes. I had been desperate and had failed to think straight.

“Quiet!” Darrien bellowed and the whole room went quiet.

“This trial shall continue in two weeks, where the jury and I will reach a decision, after further investigation. Until then…”

“What do you mean further investigations, he has already admitted to two very serious crimes before the Council” Lord Vincent said, rising to his feet.

“Calm down, Lord Vincent. I assure you, justice shall be served, but in due time” Darrien said soothing his father’s concerns almost immediately.

“As I was saying, until the second trial in 2 weeks, Lord Kayden will be kept in the Council cells, and his pet of mate shall be brought to the Council house, and shall be questioned. She will be under my care until the trial, and under no circumstances whatsoever will anyone be allowed to talk to her except me, is that understood?”

Again, the Council surprised me by .nodding their hands. What had Lord Vincent and Darrien done to make these men so pliant. These men had been turned into nothing by a power-hungry father and a suddenly over ambitious son.

“He shall be taken to his cell immediately” Darrien declared and two bodyguards immediately seized me.

I tried to struggle, but they put a vampire restraint around my neck which instantly made me weak.

“You will not get away with this, Darrien. I’m coming for you”

He laughed at me, throwing his head back and clapping his hands.

“I already have dear cousin. And now Talia is mine”

I growled at him.

“This was all I wanted all along dear cousin, to watch you suffer” he said, a satisfied grin on his face and one on his father’s as well.

“Take him to the cells” Darrien spat and my powerless bulk of muscle was dragged by the humongous bodyguards.

As I was being dragged to the cells, my thoughts were on Talia.

I had helped Darrien into capturing the love of my life and the unborn baby.

How was I ever going to forgive myself? ????


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