July 30, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 29 and 30

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One night stand ???? ,Episode 29.. Jenny: Justin,i..i don’t know what to say.. Justin:Say anything that comes from your heart.. Jenny:Am sorry,i have to leave..she walks away, Justin sighs in frustration.. Jenny goes back home,she enters her house and sees Liam watching TV,Liam calls her name but she ignores him and goes to her room and starts crying, Liam follows her…Liam: Jenny, what’s wrong? Jenny:He said he loves me.. Liam:Who? Justin?.. Jenny: yeah.. Liam: That’s good,then why are you crying? Don’t you love him too?.. Jenny: I do,i love him so much but.. Liam:But what?.. Jenny:Am scared,am scared that he will leave me and betray me like what Stephen did.. Liam:No,he won’t, I know Justin,he won’t do that.. Jenny:How are you so sure?Liam, I don’t want to get heartbroken again, the feeling is so painful.. Liam: I know, everything will be fine.. they hug each other.Meanwhile, Tamara:So she just ran off? Justin:yeah,i just made everything awkward for us,i just couldn’t hide it anymore..Tamara:i know how that feels.. Justin:Now,am so confused..2 weeks later, Jenny completely avoided Justin and Justin noticed so he stopped trying to talk to her.. Wendy:You can’t keep ignoring him forever.. Jenny:i know but I have no other choice.. Wendy:No,you have a choice, telling him how you feel is another option.. Jenny:I can’t,i just can’t.. Wendy: Whatever, suit yourself..???: Jenny?.. Jenny: Justin.. Justin:Can we talk.. Wendy:i will leave ..she walks away.. Jenny:Am all ears.. Justin:You don’t need to keep avoiding me, I know you don’t feel the same way about me,so i won’t bother,i just want us to forget about it and move on.. Jenny:O..kay.. Justin:I have to go,i have a class..bye..he walks away.Jenny’s p.o.v:Why did he say that? It’s like what happened between us never happened.i don’t even know what i want.
From that day, everything changed,it was like Justin and Jenny became complete strangers, Justin wasn’t his cheerful,goofy self

One night stand ????, Episode 30… Jenny’s p o.v: Justin has been acting so distant and quiet,he is not the same Justin of before and am not happy about it.. Jenny:What do i do now,mom?.. Joan:Tell him how you feel.. Jenny:Mom,am scared, I don’t want to get heartbroken again.. Joan:Look, there’s no relationship without heart breaks and pain.. it’s how strong your love is for each other.. Jenny: Thanks,mom..A day later, Jenny goes to visit Justin at home but Tamara said that he wasn’t around,she tried calling him but he wasn’t answering, then finally she saw him in school.. Jenny: Justin,i have been trying to call you,where the heck have you been? Justin:I was busy.. Jenny:Busy that you couldn’t answer my call for 3 days,i want to talk to you.. Justin:Look, Jenny,i don’t want to hear it . Jenny: But,i. Justin:am leaving,bye.. Justin walks away..30 mins later, Jenny:He doesn’t want to hear me out.. Wendy: That’s so strange of Justin.. Jenny:i don’t blame,all i ever did was to break his heart.. Wendy:You still have to tell him.. Jenny:I will no matter what.After school, Jenny looks for Justin around the school but she finds Ryan.. Jenny:Ryan,do you know where Justin is.. Ryan:Um.i…jenny: Don’t lie to me.. Ryan: Jenny,i can’t tell you.. Jenny:Why?tell me.. Ryan:He’s in the school garden.. Jenny goes over to the garden,she searches for Justin,then she sees him but what she saw broke her heart, Justin was kissing a random girl.. Jenny: Justin!!.. Justin: Jenny, how did you..(gets slapped by Jenny) Jenny:I hate you!!.. Jenny walks away, she runs home and starts crying.. Jenny:I hate love..love is stupid,love is soo senseless,i wish i never fell in love with Justin,he’s an idiot..i hate him..i hate him soo much.Late ar night, Jenny is at a very quiet garden crying her eyes out..??: This place is not safe for a pretty girl like you.. Jenny:What do you want..??:To talk?..

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