August 1, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 31 and 32

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One night stand ????, Episode 31.. Jenny:What do you want?..??:To talk.. Jenny:I don’t want to talk to you, Justin.. Justin: Wait,were you crying?.. Jenny:no,i wasn’t.why would i cry?.. Justin: Okay,can we talk?.. Jenny: no,get out.. Justin:Okay(Justin turns to leave) Jenny:so you are actually leaving? Justin: You asked me to leave.. Jenny:the Justin i know won’t want to leave,he would try to annoy me amd make me laugh by doing stupid things.. Justin:Well,you broke that Justin.. Jenny:Who is she?.. Justin:who? Jenny:The girl i saw you kissing.. Justin:why do you want to know? Jenny:Just tell me.. Justin: She’s my girlfriend.. Jenny:Your girlfriend?i thought you said you loved me and you can’t look at other girls,so you lied.. Justin:You rejected me.. Jenny:i needed time.. Justin:i gave you time..what am i even saying…you don’t love me at all.. Jenny: Seeing you kiss that girl hurt me alot,even more than what Stephen did to me.. Justin: What are you saying? Jenny:Am saying that am in love with you too..i love you Justin so much.. Justin:stop playing with my feeling.. Jenny:Am not,am serious.. Justin: Really? Jenny:Yes,i love you too.. Justin:i love you more,so will you.. Jenny: Wait, Justin,i still don’t think am ready for a relationship.. Justin: But,why?we love each other.. Jenny:Am scared..scared that you will leave me.. scared you will treat me the way Stephen did.. Justin:I won’t,i love you,i promise Jenny i won’t leave you.. Jenny:You sure? Justin:yes,so will you be my.. Jenny: Yes,i will be your girlfriend. Justin:Yes,yes,yes..thank you .(they kiss each other)2 weeks later, Jenny was happily doing her house chores.. Liam:Dude,why are you so happy today? Jenny:You will know soon and stop calling me dude,am your sister for heaven’s sake.. Liam:Dudeeee(Liam laughs, Jenny rolls her eyes)It was dinner time and Jenny had an announcement to make.. Patrick:So what do you want to tell us?

One night stand ????, Episode 32.. Joan: Jenny,what do you want to tell us? Jenny: You all must have noticed my sudden happiness this past few weeks.. Patrick: Yes,we have.. Joan:And I have noticed that you now look so much beautiful than before.. Jenny:Yes and there is someone behind my happiness,he could completes new boyfriend.. Jenny goe outside and comes back with Justin.. Jenny:My new boyfriend, Justin.. Joan:Omg,am soo happy for you two.. I knew you two would end up together.. congrats,guys.. Liam: Congrats, guys.. Patrick: Congrats to you two.. Justin,i just hope you will never make her cry.. Justin:Sir,i promise..i won’t..i love Jenny so much.. Joan:Aww.. come, Justin, join us for dinner..All through that night,they were all talking and laughing and having fun.
Six months later, Jenny p.o.v:Ahh, being with someone you love and who loves you makes life beautiful.i have never been this happy, Justin is the best thing to ever happen to me.He showers me with love,i love him soo much… Jenny was eating when Justin arrives.. Justin:Hey,babe.. Jenny;hey.. they peck each other.. Justin:Eat quick,i want to take you out.. Jenny:To where?Justin: it’s a surprise.. Jenny: okay,i will get ready..After Jenny was done, Justin blindfolded her and he drove her to a big beautiful garden with Jenny’s picture hanged on all the trees,an orchestra is playing .. Jenny: Can i take it off now?Justin:Yes..Jenny removes the blindfold and is amazed at what she sees.. Jenny:wow.. Justin:You like it? Jenny: Like it?I love it.. Justin, you are amazing.. Justin:I just did this to show you how much I love you.. Jenny:Oh,i love you so much too.. Justin:And honestly,i don’t mind spending the rest of my life with complete me,you understand me when no one does,you get my feelings even before i voice it out and i couldn’t ask for anything else.. Jenny is already crying..

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