August 6, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 33 and 34

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One night stand ????, Episode 33.. Jenny:Oh, Justin i love you so much,i really do and i can’t live without you.. they kiss each other and hug each other.. Justin and Jenny spent the whole night together, talking, kissing and hugging each other…
One year later, Justin and Jenny relationship continued to flourish and grow stronger.. Jenny: Justin,where are you?.. Jenny is at Justin’s house… Justin:Babe,am in my room.. Jenny: okay.. Jenny enters and suddenly Justin drags her to himself and they fall on the bed.. Justin starts tickling her, she laughs.. Jenny: Justin? Justin:Yeah.. Jenny:We have been dating for a year now and you haven’t.. Justin: Haven’t what?.. Jenny:You haven’t aaked for sex.. Justin:Well, because I know you are not ready and i don’t want to force you ,and plus i am not with because of sex,am with you because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.. Jenny:So you will wait? Justin:Of course, i want it to be special.. Jenny:Aww,i love you so much..they hug each other..On Jenny’s 19th birthday, Justin threw a surprise party and it was amazing and Jenny enjoyed herself

One night stand ????, Episode 34..Two weeks later, Justin and Jenny are returning from a date at a fancy restaurant at night.. they were in the car when Jenny notices something.. Jenny: Justin? Justin:Yeah . Jenny: That car has been following us for quite sometime now. Justin:you sure? Jenny:Yeah,i saw it at the restaurant, now it’s following us.. Justin: Maybe the driver is going the same route as we are going, don’t worry about it.. Jenny: Okay..A week later, Justin and Jenny were talking in the hallway when Justin phone rings,he picks it up.. Justin:Hello,.. Hello?.. the phone call ends.. Jenny:Who was that?.. Justin:It was an unknown number.. Jenny:Maybe it’s a prank call.. Justin:Yeah,you are right.. Jenny: Let’s go to class.. Justin: Wait, let’s kiss a little.. Justin drags Jenny to himself, Jenny giggles.. Jenny: Justin, stop people are watching.. Justin:I don’t care.. Jenny:But..(Justin kisses Jenny on the lips)After school, Justin is back home from school,he sees Tamara holding a card.. Justin: Tammy, what are you looking at? Tamara:The delivery man brought this card for you. Justin: Really?a card? Tamara:Yeah,it only has a strange initial.. Justin:S.C? Tamara: Who is that? Justin:i don’t know.. Tamara: Strange.. Justin:I will figure it out.Justin continued to get strange phone calls and the same card with the intials S.C..jenny: Justin, can’t we just report it to the police? Justin:Yeah,i agree.. we will go tomorrow.. The next day, Justin was preparing to leave for the police when the door bell rings.. Justin: Come in..the door opens and someone walks in, Justin is backing the person..???: Justin? Justin turns to face the person,he is beyond shocked and speechless.. Justin:You?!What..what are you doing here?..??: To see you..30 mins later, Justin arrives at Jenny’s house.. Jenny: Justin, I have been waiting for you.. let’s go to the .. Justin:I don’t want to go to the police again.. Jenny:Why? What’s wrong?

O.N.S . Episode 35 and 36
O.N.S. Episode 31 and 32

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