July 31, 2021

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O.N.S . Episode 35 and 36

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One night stand, Episode 35…2 weeks later, Jenny’s p.o.v: Justin has been acting so strange and he keeps on getting random calls,am so scared,he even said we shouldn’t report to the police… Wendy:Random calls? Jenny:Yes,when he gets the calls he goes outside to answer,he is always thinking of something.. Wendy:What do you think is wrong? Jenny:I don’t know,i don’t want to think that..that.. Wendy:He’s cheating? Jenny: Yeah,but Justin can’t cheat on me,he loves me..we have been dating for almost 2years now.. Wendy:we will find out soon.Meanwhile, Justin parks in front of a bungalow,he comes down from his car,he knocks on the door,the door opens and he enters..???:Heyy.. Justin:Why did you call me?..??:I miss you.. Justin:I told you that i have a girlfriend and i love her..??:I don’t care, you are mine and mine alone.. Justin:You are crazy..??:Am crazy in love with you..she comes closer to him and tries to kiss her, Justin pushes her away.. Justin:Get away from me..???:i love you, Justin..kiss me like you used to, make love to me like you used to.. I miss you so much.. Justin:Am leaving.. Justin turns to leave..???: Justin, i will get you no matter what or my name isn’t Selena Collins.. Justin: Don’t try anything.. Selena:i don’t care.. Justin walks away.. The next day, Justin and Jenny are cuddling on the sofa when Justin phone rings, Justin goes outside to answer it, Jenny follows him and eavesdropp.. Justin:i said i can’t come..??:I miss you.. Justin:Am with my girlfriend..??I don’t care.. Justin: Fine,i will come over.. Justin ends the calls, Jenny returns to her seat, Justin arrives.. Justin: Babe,am sorry ,i have to go.. Jenny:Where? Justin:Um..my mom needs me.. Jenny: Justin,are you deceiving me?

One night stand, Episode 36.. Jenny:Tell me Justin,are you cheating on me? Justin:Why would you think that? Jenny:Cause I just listened to your conversation witg someone on the phone…who is she? Justin: It’s no one, Jenny, look i love you more than my life,i would never cheat on you.. Jenny:So why did sudden change? the strange phone calls,you always have some where to be,you never have time for us.. Justin:Am sorry but i can’t explain now but i swear on my life,am not cheating on you.. Jenny: Okay,i believe you and i love you so much.. Justin:Love you more.. Justin’s p.o.v:I just need to get rid of this problem before it gets out of hand, I really don’t want to lose Jenny..A week later, Jenny: Could he be cheating on me? Wendy: I don’t think so, he loves you.. Jenny: Stephen loved me but still cheated.. Wendy:No, Stephen never loved you,he wanted you as a sex machine, Justin is different.. Jenny:I don’t want to lose Justin at all.The next day,at school, Justin was at his locker talking on the phone with Selena.. Justin: Would you please leave me alone.. Selena:I can’t,i love you.. Justin: I already told you that I have a girlfriend.. Selena: Come see me tonight.. Justin:No,i won’t.. Selena:If you don’t, I will tell Jenny everything…. Justin: Okay,i will come,bye.. Justin hangs up, he turns around to see Jenny staring at him.. Justin: Babe,you scared me.. How long have you been standing there? Jenny:not long,so i was wondering if you take me out for ice cream after school? Justin:You mean today? Jenny:Yeah.. Justin:oh,i can’t i have plans..am sorry, babe.. Jenny: It’s okay,i will go meet Wendy,bye.. Jenny walks away.jenny’s p.o.v:i can’t believe he lied to me,he doesn’t know i heard the phone conversation, he is going to meet a girl.After school, Wendy and Jenny followed Justin without Justin knowledge,they got to a bungalow, Justin enters inside while Jenny and Wendy are hiding..Wendy: let’s burst in..They open the door and they get shocked.. Jenny: Justin?

O.N.S. Episode 37 and 38
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