June 16, 2021

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The Love Doctor. Epilogue

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The Love Doctor. Chapter 5

????❤THE LOVE DOCTOR ❤????

Author Jenny

Not edited


Author Jenny pov

Seo later introduced sun hye to his family and friends while sun hye did the same

Seo opened a page for sun hye and thats were she is now doing her love doctor job no more shops

Their love life was the best everybody wants to be like them or have a relationships like theirs

Minjee and seo never settled they were still like cat and rat always on each other neck

After few months of sun Hye and seo relationship minjee find her own mr perfect and his name is jimmy

No body heard from lisa again

Seo later proposed to sun hye which sje happily agreed

Their wedding was the best and the topic in everyones mouth for weeks ,it was magnificent

On their wedding night they did the needed ???? and later travled to hawei for their honeymoon

Sun hye later gave birth to twins boy and girl while jimmy proposed to minjee

Thank you all for reading ,i have been busy so i decided to shorten the story this way


The Love Doctor. Chapter 5

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