August 3, 2021

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The Possessive Snob. Episode 11

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The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 11 ????????
By Jennifer Owens ????????
???????? Lola’s P. O. V ????????
“and with him ” I said and his eyes turned red.
He looked at me all flared up not saying anything..
The door bell rang and we looked at each other and he stormed towards the door but I was quick to block him.
“Andre please ” I pleaded holding his arm.
“Lola get outta my way ” he said between gritted teeth.
“no I won’t, why, so you can beat him up just like you did to Aaron ” I asked
“just move outta my way ”
“I won’t ” I said and he gently pushed me aside and opened the door welcoming Eric with a punch on the face.
He grabbed his collar and landed another punch on his face making Eric fall to the floor spitting out blood.
“Andre stop it please ” I cried out loud but he was still punching him.
Eric was just trying to cover his face, defending himself from this monster.
I’m done with this, I can’t watch and do nothing.
I went closer to them and pulled Andre by his collar since he squatted down to beat Eric.
I pulled him by his collar making him look at me and I gave him the hottest slap I could.
“that’s enough OK ” I cried.
I pulled Eric up from the floor and went in front of Andre.
“you don’t own me so I’ll go on this date ” I blurted out and he folded his fist into a ball.
“get out ” he said referring to Eric.
“yeah let’s go Eric ” I said and head towards Eric but that strong hand of his pulled me back.
“get out now ” he yelled at Eric making me flinch and within seconds, Eric was out.
“let me go” I said hitting his arm.
“I’m going on that date and there’s nothing you can do cuz you don’t own me ” I seethed and he held my other arm too.
“now keep your mouth shut, one more word from you and you’ll regret it ” he said angrily.
“what will you do”
“you know what, I’ll do this ” he said and carried me on his shoulders as he head upstairs.
“let me go you good for nothing fool” I cussed hitting his back but he wouldn’t listen.
He got to my room and kicked the door open and went in.
He dropped me on the bed and went to a drawer and brought out an handcuff I didn’t notice was in there.
“what the hell are you trying to do ” I asked, panicking.
He said nothing as he took my hand forcefully and dragged me to the floor then handcuffed my hand against the steel bar of the window.
“I’m gonna lock you up till you learn to respect me cuz no one I mean no one Lolita Sanchez, disrespects my authority ” he said sternly and got up to leave.
“no Andre please don’t do this, don’t lock me up please ” I cried but he paid no attention to me as he went out through the door locking it from the outside.
???????? Andre’s P. O. V????????
I rested my back on her door and breathed out as I locked her up, it hurts to see her cry but she’s just too stubborn.
I hate it when she’s with another guy and she wants to go on a date?
No way!
I will just have to lock her up till she learns to control her tongue.
I went to the parlor and took my laptop to continue my work cheerfully coz my biggest fear and problem has been solved.
???????? Lola’s P. O. V????????
“Andre please come back, I have phobia to being locked up and tied up in a room ” I cried as the memories of the past came rushing through my head.
When my mom and dad died, I had no where to go cuz my dad mortgaged our house due to our condition and when dad died in an accident, mom couldn’t take it and she fell sick.
I did all my best but… But she still left me.
I had no where to go so I just roamed on the streets.
I remembered the day I stole a man’s wallet and when he caught me, he took me to a house where he locked me up instead of handing me to the police.
He comes inside that room everytime to torture me, beat me just for a wallet, just because before he caught me, I already spent the money.
The luck I had was that he was a drunkard and when always coming into that place he locked me up, he’s always drunk and weak so he couldn’t rape me coz he was weak.
From that day, I have phobia of being locked up in a room.
It’s like I’m being tortured all over again.
I remembered the day he tried to rape me but I kicked his balls and he fell to the ground, I was able to take the keys and escape that day.
That past alone was the sole reason I accepted to live with Andre even if I knew it was gonna be hell.
So Andre, please let me out
“let me out of here ” I screamed as my eyes spinned in circles.
I screamed more as I saw him, the man who tortured me coming towards me and I lost consciousness.

The Possessive Snob. Chapter 14
The Possessive Snob. Chapter 10

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