July 28, 2021

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Beautiful Mistake. Chapter 6 and 7

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Beautiful Mistake. Episode 10 and 11
Beautiful Mistake. Episode 4 and 5

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 6
Clara’s POV
I woke so early, actually I didn’t sleep. I took a bath and went to release Alex. He was still asleep when I got in.
‘Go and freshen up, I will remain here,’ I said after waking him up.
Alex’s POV
‘Am fine aunt,’
‘You are not, go and take a bath,’ she said more like a command.
‘I don’t stink,’ I said with a smirk.
‘You do, now leave,’ she commanded.
She so authoritative.
‘You win,’ I said with an eye roll.
I drove home only to get that bitch in my kitchen.
‘What the hell are you doing?’ I asked.
Anger was rising in me.
‘Am preparing breakfast for my darling,’ she said seductively.
She walked closer to caress me and I pushed her to the floor.
‘Ouch,’ she said in pain.
‘That serves you best. Don’t ever touch me with your filthy hands,’ I said and went upstairs. I lost my baby because of her and my love is in the hospital almost going crazy.
If she knows what is best for her, she should leave this house.
I went to the bathroom and let cold water cool my body. As the water came to contact with my head I felt some relaxation in my mind.
I had just finished dressing when that devil came in. I walked towards the door and she blocked me. I didn’t have the energy to talk so I pushed her away.
‘Is it a mistake to love you,’ she shouted from behind but I just left.
Karen’s POV
I don’t think it was a good idea for mum to make me get married to him. I know I love him, but all he does is to hurt me. I need to act fast to avoid getting more hurt.
I took a bath a dressed in a more comfortable dress. I applied makeup to hide the bruises on my face before going to the mall. He had planned a honeymoon in Spain for him and Cindy but he hasn’t taken me. I will just enjoy myself.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 7
Karen’s POV
I was done doing shopping when I bumped into someone on my way to the counter.
‘Sorry,’ I said picking up my stuffs.
‘It’s okay, let me help you,’ came the angelic voice.
I looked up to meet a very handsome guy but not as handsome as Alex. He helped me and paid for me.
‘Thank you,’ I said heading to my car.
‘Can I get your contact,’ he said.
I dialed my number in his phone and left. I drove home smiling. He seems rich, I will inform mum about the new catch.
Alex’s POV
Cindy woke up and she is a bit calm. She was just seated in one corner staring at as like someone who is lost.
‘Cindy, eat this,’ I said handing the food to her.
‘Am not Cindy am Joy,’
‘Okay, allow me to call you Cindy,’
She nodded and took the food.
‘Where did my mom go?’ She asked after a while.
‘She died,’ I said.
‘Will they kill me to?’ she asked in tears.
‘No they won’t, I will protect you,’ I assured her.
I moves closer and hugged her.
She was still crying.
‘I want to get out of here,’ she said.
‘You will but not now,’
‘I have stayed here long enough I want to leave,’
‘Not so long,’
‘Who are you and why are you so caring? I was with my mom when I was young, how did I end up here?’
‘You will recall everything with time.’

Beautiful Mistake. Episode 10 and 11
Beautiful Mistake. Episode 4 and 5

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