July 31, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 88

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He and her V

Episode 88.

Tucker’s POV

Few days later ,Grace walked inside sullenly with a puffy face. I was about to stroll out the house for fresh air when I met her.

She didn’t bother greeting me ,she just walked inside.

I watched her as she went straight to her room and I was forced to go and meet Camilla.

“Camilla ,Grace just arrived ” I told her and she sighed.

I walked to her and hug her ” It’s going to be fine ,alright?”

Camilla nodded and stood. I followed her suit as she walked out of the room. To my surprise ,she went to Grace’s room.

“Hi Grace ,welcome. ” Camilla said and stood boldly.

“What did you want from me ?” Grace asked gently and almost silently.

“Nothing ,just came to tell you that you are welcome. ” Camilla said and turned. She paused all of a sudden and turned to Grace again.

“I hope you have a change of heart and leave Tucker and I alone ” Camilla said and she grinned.

Grace slump to the bed and closed her eye like she slept off. I walked outside with Camilla.

“What is that for Camilla?”

“I just want her to keep knowing that I’m no longer scared of her” She said and I smiled.

“That’s my girl” I teased and we both smiled.

Grace’s POV

I sat upright as Camila and Tucker waked away and anger arose in me. After leaving the cell ,I was so devastated and thinking of what to do but her coming to my room to mock me is what I will never take.

I thought for a long period of the time of what I could do to her and a sweet idea suddenly dropped to my heart that made me smiled.

I walked outside to where Walter; Camilla’s robot stood. I brought out my phone and snapped him while he just watched me without saying a word.

I walked to my room and send the picture to one of my boys. I told him to create a facial mask like that of Walter and come over to this house tomorrow.

He will be replacing Walter. I’ll get find a way of kidnapping Walter tomorrow

Following Day!

My boy arrived and dressed exactly like Walter.

He went to Walter and deceived him that he is a robot too and that they should stroll the compound together to which Walter agreed.

Walter and my boy who disguised as a robot went out together and Walter luckily for us fell into the trap we had made for him.

Walter fell to the floor and my boy quickly smuggled him inside the

I entered the car as soon as I can and drove Walter in his unconscious state to a secrete and solitude house.

Now that Tucker and Camilla are not aware that I have changed the robot. My mission is simple ;

My boy who us acting as Walter must seduce Camilla, sleep with her and impregnate her.

May I fulfil my mission ; Amen” I prayed.

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