August 3, 2021

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 3

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 4
Her Personal Taste. Chapter 2

????????Her Personal Taste????????

Love triangle❤

????????Written by Authoress Jenny ????????

????Not edited????

Chapter 3

Kyle pov

I felt like the ground should open and sallow me

But i am happy ,i enjoyed the kiss

I wish it never ends

It just still feels like dreaming

jenny actually kissed me,i kept touching my lips countless time

This feels really good i must confess ,i wish she knew i was a real human

Would she have kissed me?

I starred at her as she lay on my laps peacefully and sleeping

Heavens know how much i love her ,i couldnt just get enough of her pretty face

I carried her in a bridal style to her room and lay her on the bed

she held me down with her hands

“Stay with me”she said in a sleeply tone

i know i love her but ,if she continue doing this i might go insane

How can she ask me to sleep close to her

I am no robot and this is a huge temptation for me

Gosh i dont know who long am going to last with this but i hope finally it works for the better

I lay beside her and used the duvet to cover her

Do robot sleep ,,i totally forgot to ask about that

What if she catch me sleeping ,am so busted

But i cant stay all night eyes open ,Well since i am a light sleeper ,i would just open my eyes incase of anything

Jenny pov

I woke up due to the aroma that hit my nose

“Good morning”kyle said and i smiled

“Morning kyle “i replied

“You know i might get use to this treatment”i said as he dropped the tray of food on my bed

“Well i will be glad”he replied

Gosh everyday i wake up ,i keep wishing kyle would turn human

His so sweet

So handsome ,caring and everything

Well maybe thats because he is being programmed to do all this

because am not sure a real human can be like this,dont worry guys am speaking from experience

I date rich guys they cheat and break my heart,i date poor ones they are after my money and are pretenders and thats why i had to buy a robot

After eating breakfast and kyle cleared the dish

I entered into the bathroom took my bath and came out

i had a free day today so am just going to spend it with kyle before going out for lunch with albert (this story is written by author jenny)

I head downstairs and kyle wasnt there when i sited a novel

Robots read novels too,thats really impressive

I looked at the novel tittled”cold hearts inlove “by author jenny my namesake

i opened the book and started reading and before i knew it was laughing

Damn shes really good and selena and donald are one hell of a crazy people

“you like it right”i heard kyle asked coming down the stairs looking all refreshed

“I dont like it ,i love it”i replied and he smiled

“you know she has written a lot of novels”kyle said

“Really”i asked and he nodded

“i dont know robots read novels too”i said

“Well we do”he replied

“you know what,how about i finish this one and we go get some of her novels” i said

“That will be great”kyle replied

Soon i was done with cold hearts inlove and i was egaer to read her other stories

I went out with kyle to the nearby book shop and picked three of her novels

“Whats wrong”kyle asked looking at me

“I was suppose to meet with albert and i almost forgot”i replied

“Well you are not late we can still go “kyle said and i nodded

We went to the eatery albert sent me the address and there he was looking like a king

“Hi albert”i said smiling

“hello pretty”he said and i smiled

“So you brought him”albert said with disappointment on his face as he starred at kyle

“What do you mean by him”i asked

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