June 12, 2021

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Her Personal Taste. Prologue And Chapter 1

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 2

???? ????Her Personal Taste????????

(love triangle❤)

????????Written by Authoress Jenny????????

????Not edited ????


A popular Actress who caught her boyfriend cheating and broke up with him but due to her profession and her celebrity life she needs a boyfriend since all the guys are being a total jerk she decided to get her self a robot who will act like her boyfriend

As times gose on she fell inlove with the robot but what could she do he is only a robot and not human

During one of her movie shot she met with an actor who fell inlove with her and wanted her by all means

find out what happens when the actress later got to know that her robot boyfriend is a real human and then she was already inlove with the actor



????????Her Personal Taste????????

Love Triangle ❤

????????Written by Authoress Jenny ????????

???? Not edited ????

Chapter 1


“are you kidding me “i asked the young handsome dude standing at my front porch

“Nope “he replied

“So you mean you are the robot,as my robot i ordered for “i asked again and he nodded

“Woah so cool”i muttered

I pinched his nose ,touched his smooth face and lips

“What your name”i asked in surprise

“I dont have a name “he replied

” really i will give you one”i said and he smiled sweetly

“Come in “i said and he did

“i will call you kyle “i said and he nodded smiling

“I Love the name”he replied

“So kyle am Jennifer mario but you can call me jenny”i said

“Dont worry i already know everything about you”he replied

“Really”i said and he nodded

“That means you also know the reason you are here”i said and he nodded

“Am here because you needed a robot to pose as your boyfriend in public” he replied

“Wow how come you are perfect,you are like a real human “i asked

“Am a very advanced robot and you paid huge amount of money so the company gave you the best and also i spent years in training”he said

“This is amazing “i muttered

“So kyle later in the day we will be going for shopping so i can get you new clothes” I said

“follow me let me take you to your room “I said and he followed behind

“This is my room and that is yours “i added

“Hope you like the room “i asked and he nodded smiling

“It is way better than the one in our company”he replied

Later that day

I dressed up and met kyle down stairs

“lets go”i said and we left the house

“Do you know how to drive “i asked

“Yes “he replied

He opened the other side of the car door for me to entre and i did

Such a cute gentleman i thought

He started the car and soon we arrived at the mall with the directions i gave him

“Sh*t”i cursed

“Paparazzi right”he asked and i nodded

How did they know i was even coming

“are you ready”i asked him and he nodded

James came down and opened the car door for me ,i held his hands as my bouncers made way for me and i entered the mall

My bouncers are always following me behind anywhere i go in a separate car

Paparazzi were taking shot ,thank goodness there are no reporters else they would have almost blast my ears with questions

Soon we were done picking clothes and went home

“You should try the clothes on “i said to kyle as i sat down and began removing my shoe

I looked at kyle who was trying to undress in front of me

“Kyle do that in your room”i half yelled he picked the clothes and went to his room

After dinner

I lay on my bed thinking about kyle

Gosh he wanted to undress in front of me

Dose he want me to go blind

Well he is a robot,do they even have something inbetween their legs ,i thought

His an advanced robot maybe he has

Gosh jenny what are you thinking


I am a robot

A bad robot ????

i have a secret

I work in my dad company were they make robots all my life

I am an introvert nobody knows i exist except for my parent

I always watched jenny’s movie and since then i have been inlove with her

When she came to my dad asking for a robot who can pose as her boyfriend but asked my dad to keep it a secret

I quickly grabbed the opportunity,i begged my dad to allow me pretend to be a robot

After much persuation he finally agreed and put me through the necessary details

And that was how i arrived at her house

Jenny is a very beautiful lady with lot of cash ,i wonder why she dosent have a real boyfriend

I kept thinking about her till i slept off

I woke up early because am use to it and decided to make jenny breakfast

Soon i was done i took them in a tray and head to her room

I was about knocking when the door opened and she stood in front of me wearing a transparent nightie with nothing underneath

I quickly closed my eyes

“Kyle “she called and slammed the door immediately

Soon the door opened back and i opened my eyes gently she was now wearing a robe

“I made breakfast for you”i said and she starred at me in awe ,then gestured me to come in

“Robots know how to cook too”She asked and i nodded

I gave her the food and she began eating ,nodding her head and muttering words only her understands

Seems she was enjoying the food more than i expected

I starred at her beautiful face ,even in the morning she still looked like a goddess

If i would get the opportunity to cook for her every morning and stare at her ,i wont mind doing it for the rest of my life i thought

Her Personal Taste. Chapter 2

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