August 1, 2021

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My Boss. Chapter 2

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My Boss. Chapter 3
My Boss. Prologue And Chapter 1


Author Jenny

Not edited

Chapter 2


NO ,NO, PLEASE FATHER PLEASE” I kept yelling but it was all in vein he held my neck tightly till i couldnt breath

I woke up panting and with headache and swollen eyes

Same nightmares everyday

I walked to my small bathroom and starred at the mirror ,,i really looked horrible my face has brusies

I removed my clothes and starred at my naked body that has marks all over and tears began to fall from my eyes,,i wiped my tears off immediately because its of no use at least i was out of this now ,,i better to leave in the street than to leave with the devil called my step father

Soon i was done taking my bath ,,i felt refreshed

I have decided to take a break and decided to think about my life and finally i made a decision to accept sofia’s offer

I arranged my my things and made my way to the bus station ,,its going to be a long ride i know that

I already told sofia i was coming so i dont need to be bordered about that

Author Jenny

After a long ride of hours i finally arrived New York

I took a cab and gave him julia’s address while i sat at the back ay enjoyed the view of new york city

My eyes caught a very massive building “Parkers Cooperation ”

The owner must be really rich ,,damn

“first time in new york right”the cab man said and i nodded

“That is parkers co operation,he is the richest man in NY and feared by all,trust me you should never wish ,you cross path with him or even work for him”the cab man said

“Why “i asked

“Because he is ruthless and a devil in human form “the cab man replied

I think that was harsh how could people conclude on a human being just like that

Soon we arrived at the address and the cab man helped me with my things while we said our goodbyes

i ran the door bell infront of the apartment and a tall and good looking dude opened the door ,,i starred at his and looked the the addressin my hands

This is the apartment,i am not lost

“Am looking for sofia”i said to the dude while he starred at me from head to toe

“Come in “he said and i walked in

This is kinda weird

“Julia”i heard sofia yelled and hugged me tighly

“You already met my boyfriend mark”sofia said.

Ohh so his her boyfriend ,she lucky

I never had a boyfriend before ,i wonder what it would be like

“Nice to meet you mark”i said and we handshake

“Same here julia ,,sofia has told me alot about you” he said and i smiled

“Alright let me show you your room sofia said and dragged my things up stairs while i followed behind

Her house is big and beautiful,,

“Alright freshen up and come down for dinner “sofia said and left

I entered the bathroom freshend up and came out ,,this is the best bath i have taken in a long time

I went down stairs and sat together with sofia and her boyfriend while we ate dinner they kept on acting all lovey dovey in my presence till we were done eating they were already pulling off their clothes

They must have forgotten there is someone else in the room ,,i sneaked back to the room so i wont disturb their make out sessions

I slumped on the confortable bed and their moans was everywhere this two need to learn how to keep it down
I took a book from the shelf tittled “14 days with an idol by authoress jenny”

i was already in chapter five and i couldnt stop reading it ,,,it is very funny and interesting too


It been weeks since i came to new york ,sofia and mark have beeb really helpful and nice to me and i couldnt be more greatful

Mark got me a space for interview in the “parkers co operation”and i was really exicted ,,the name sounds familiar too

For some reasons i dont know sofia is not happy about me going to the interview and i wonder why

I have over heard Her and mark talking about it countless times ,,,well i cant depend on her for ever ,,i need to work and be independent

Right now the cab just dropped me in front of a building ..And that one when it hit me

“Parkers Co operation “the one people talked about which i totally dont believe till i see it for myself

i entered the lobby and it looks so beautiful and well arranged and it was obvious everybody is happy and having fun while working

It was all rumor ,,this place is great

Anybody who says the parker co operation is …….

I couldnt complete my thought when i heard some yelled

“His here”

Before i could blink my eyes not a single soul was in the lobby well apart from me

I heard the door clicked open and a mascular figure walked in with his briefcase in his hand and went straight to the private elevator with taking a glance at me

Jezz what just happened


My Boss. Chapter 3
My Boss. Prologue And Chapter 1

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