July 26, 2021

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My Boss. Chapter 3

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Sub tittle:Meeting the boss

By Author Jenny

Not Edited

Chapter 3


At this point in time i had two things on my mind

He is the Ceo and am definately going to fail this interview

I wanted to turn back but ,,i cant come this far just to turn back,,besides how worst could it be if i just give it a try

I walked towards the secetary with smile on my face which she returned back

“Hi am Julia Daniels and am here for the interview”i said politely

the secetary looked at me from head to toe before laughing out loud

“You …..Interview……Like this “the secetary said and laughing loudly that made me want to drag that her blonde hair till she cries

“Am sorry”she finally said holding herself from laughing

I wonder whats funny to her

“Take the Elevator on your left and go to the 10th floor “she said

Such a rude secetary i thought

I looked at my self and yeah she had the right to laugh ,,i looked so out of place for someone who wants to work in such a place i mean everybody looks so great and intimidating

The elevator door opened and i walked down the door

Finally i found the boss office ,,why is everywhere so quiet and why is nobody here i thought

I adjusted my long skirt and my top before knocking on the door

I was really really nervous i began playing with my fingers

“Come in”i heard a husky voice said

I opened the door and walked in ,,the view i got immediately i entered the office is breathtaking

“How may i help you” i heard the loud voice

If only i could look at his face but hell no ,,i couldnt even his voice alone is freaking me out

Now i believe what people say

“I am…Julia…Julia Daniels and…and am here for the interview”i shuttered

“your credentials miss daniel” he said and i quickly handed him the files when our fingers touched and i quickly removed my hands still not looking at his face

when i felt his gaze on my files i quickly stole a glance at him




“so you didnt go to any university,neither did you have good work experience “he said

“What makes you think i will give you a chance to work here even if it is obvious that a friend of mine begged me to hire you”he said rudely

“I know i dont have any experience but i promise to do my best if you just give me a chance to prove my self”

I played with my fingers ,starring at the floor waiting for an answer

“Fine miss daniels i give you two weeks to impress me else i will fire you in a heart beat “he said codly

Do this guys parent not teach his manners ,hiw can he be mean and rude at the same time

“Thank you sir” i replied

He took his phone made call and asked for certain lady to come to his office and give me direction

The lady walked with her heels making noise and make up smeared all over her face and her clothes her barely reaching her knees

Jezz is she going to a party or what

She walks seductively towards mr parker’s table smiling sheeplessly

“Miss daniels here is my new pa make sure shes well settled in and tell her all she needs to know”he said without giving a glance at her

I could be the disappiontment in her face and i really felt bad for her

She walked out after giving me muderous look and i followed behind

“One more thing miss daniels ,,when next your coming wear good clothes not rags”he said and i almost flared up but i kept cool and nodded and left

“Miss daniels right”the lady said and i nodded

“Just call me julia “i replied

“Fine julia am cindy”she said politely

“so julia ,,mr chris hates lateness ,,so you have to be here before he comes ”

” secondly you have to make him coffee every morning with sugar and no cream

“Thirdly on no account should you entre his office with him calling you in”

“you have to remind him about him meeting thirty minutes before the actual time ”

“you have to change you mode of dressing also,mr chris likes his employee looking classy”

“On no account should you allow anybody entre his office without informing him”

“You will buy lunch for him everyday from starks resturant”

“You will make sure his food never gets cold before taking it to him else consider yourself fired ”

“You are not to make any eye contact with him or speak while he speaks ”

And that was who cindy kept listing it all for hours


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