August 2, 2021

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My Boss. Prologue And Chapter 1

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My Boss. Chapter 2


By Author Jenny

Not Edited


Meet Julia
An Innocent nerd lady ,blonde hair ,full figures 8 and smooth face but suffered from abuse right from childhood by her step father ,,At last she was able to run away from home got an apartment for herself with the little money she stole and began some menial job just to feed herself

Lucky her she came in contact with her old friend who asked her to leave california and come to NY (New York) and start a new life

Julia later agreed and with the help of her friend she got a job in one of the most biggest company in NY.

Meet Chris Parker, ruthless,strict,grumpy,mean billionarie his deep voice alone and name make people flinch,he was feared by all ,,when i say all i really mean it ,,he cared less about people ,,he was rated the richest bachelor billionaries and his the current owner of “the parkers co operation” ,,Chris Parker is a workaholic has different companys all over ,hate laziness and fire anybody he likes in a heartbeat ,nobody dares look into his eyes due to fear ,His company is highly organised

I know you might be wondering can one person be all this ? well find out in the story

You might also be wondering was he born that way ? No he wasnt ,,,Chris parker has a dark secret which no one knew about

Find out what happened when Julia became meets chris and work for him as PA

Can she survive working for him?

Also find out what happened when julia finds out chris parkers dark secret

Will they fall inlove? find out in the story

By Author Jenny

Writer of :

Bad ass girl,crazy rich asian,talent high,14days with an idol, the maid, cold hearts inlove,the love doctor ,psycho billionarie,her personal taste

❤❤ MY BOSS ❤❤

Author Jenny

Not edited

Chapter 1

Julia pov

I woke up due to the loud sound coming from my alarm

I know we all hate alarms but we still use them because we obviously dont have an option

I dragged my feet to the bathroom did my early morning business and headed to my first job

I know you might be wondering why i call it my first but the truth is that i do over three jobs everyday

The first one is to work at the mall down the street the second is working in a resturant as a waitress and the last one is ,i work in a bar

I do all this work everyday because i dont have a choice i need to pay my bills and take care of my self ,i was born to suffer

I put my one hand bag across my neck and began running as fast as my legs could carry

I arrived at the mall in no time and went straight to the dressing room to wear my work outfit

Soon i was done ,i hurridely changed and head to my second job ,,,which is few blocks away from here

Finally it was the last ,i hurried to the subway and entered the available train because i was late and if i dont get there in time i might get fired instantly

Soon the train began moving and i waited paitently

“shit” i cursed because i was 5 minutes late

I sneaked through the back door of the bar hoping not to get caught

“You are late again “mr choi my boss said startling me

“am sorry sir my aunt had an accident that why”i said ,,yeah that was a big fat lie

“Very soon the whole members of your family will be dead due to your lies,,start working immediately ,,,and note you are working till dawn for coming late”he said leaving me to scream my lungs out

I began working and serving drinks

There is nothing i hate other than working in a bar

You will see all sought of digusting things and some weirdo’s asking you for a one night stand

Not like i have any other option ,if i have to survive and pay my rents i need to do all this job

i started working nonestop when one of my work mate and friend called me

“Hey charlie”i called smiling

“hey juli”he replied smiling sheeplessly at me

“Is it me or you look more beautiful today”he said and i rolled my eyes ,,,he always teases me

“Table 4 placed an order”he said handing me a note

I took the drink they ordered in a tray and walked to them

There were bunch of ladies it seems they were having a ladie night or something

“Your orders ladies”i said dropping the tray

“Julia”someone called and i looked up immediately

“Omg sofia “i yelled

We hugged each other tightly

” Julia you left without a word or goodbye” sofia said already in tears

“am so sorry sofia,i couldnt stay anymore”i replied in tears

Sofia is my bestfriend and she knew about my wicked step father ,When i excaped i couldnt wait a minute before leaving that place

“so how have you been “she asked and i smiled

“Great “i replied

“What are you doing here”i asked

“A friend of mine is getting married this weekend so we decided to chill out just us ladies”she replied

“Julia you dont have to pretend all is well ,,i know you okay ,i leave in new york alone ,i have an apartment and a stable job i will like you to come with me please”sofia said

“I will think about it okay”i replied and hugged her

She gave me her card and address before leaving

I dont know if i will be able to consider her request but seriously i dont want to be a burden to anyone

I continued working and working till i was exhausted ,,finally i was done

i was late already and am sure i wont get a cab

I walk down the silent and creepy road with my arms arround my body tightly,,it was cold and i was freezing to death

Lucikly my apartment is just a few blocks away now

I stopped when i heard noise behind me ,,someone was following me ,,i was dead sure

the steps were getting closer and i quickened my steps ,,i turned back to see a huge image behind me,i couldnt see the face clearly

Soon i began running with my heart beating so fast

“We are you running to honey”the huge guy said grabbing my hands obviously his a great runner than me

I was trembling in fear and kept struggling

” Let me go you pervert”i yelled in struggle

“not after i get a taste of you sweetie” her said and fear gripped me the more ,,

I kept struggling and a slap landed on my face twice but that didnt make me stop ,,i was finally able to kick him in his d*ck while he groaned in pain

I help my help shattered clothes and ran away

I entered my little apartment ,,slammed the door and slumed on my small floor mattress and cried my eyes out ,,why am i the only unfortunate person ,,why is my life always like this huh

I cried my self to sleep

My Boss. Chapter 2

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