June 13, 2021

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My Secrete Angel. Episode 12

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???? Episode 12 ????
???? By Jennifer Owens ????
⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
How do I get to Kim?
I don’t have her number nor do I know where she lives.
I just can’t help but let the tears pour freely.
She risked her life just to save me.
How do I get to her?
Yes, she’s attending the same school with me and the school must have her number and address.
I called the principal and took Kim’s number and address from him.
I called the number but she was not picking up.
I drove straight to the address given to me.
I knocked on the gate then a woman came out.
“um good day ma’am, I’m looking for Kim”
“sorry there’s no one name Kim here ”
“but this is her home address, she lives here” I said with an hoarse voice.
“maybe they are the one who moved out before we moved in ” she said.
“they… they moved out” I asked as a tear slid down my cheek.
I got in my car and dialed the number again.
Kim please pick, I don’t wanna have an heart attack and die wasting the kidney you gave me without using it.
Please pick or else I’ll die.
I drove home and went up to my room and laid in my bed still dialing Kim’s number.
⏮️ Kim’s POV ⏭️
I fell off the chair I laid on and hit my back hard in the floor.
OMG I was sleeping and my phone was ringing.
I brought out my phone to answer the call but then I saw the train leaving.
I ran after the train.
“hey train, stop, how can you leave without a special passenger ” I screamed as I ran after it.
“I said stop and come back, if you aren’t gonna take me with you then return back my money and take your useless ticket ” I screamed and stopped running after the train cos it already reached the main rail way where only trains passes.
I scratched my head in frustration.
My phone started ringing again and it was an unknown number.
I pressed the answer button with anger.
“hello, who’s this idiot disturbing me, I missed the train because of you ” I yelled into the phone.
“Kim it’s me Tyler I…. ”
“Tyler ” I screamed not letting him finish what he wanted to say.
“what do you want ” I asked calmly, I don’t wanna act foolish because of him.
“Kim please I wanna see you, I need to see you, I’m very sorry for all the hurtful things I said to you, I’m sorry for all the times I hurt you, please forgive me ” he said and I could sense he was crying.
“Tyler ” I called as tears kept streaming down my cheeks.
“please come back, I need you now, I know everything Christina did, you are the one who gave me a second chance to live” he said over the one.
“where are you ” he asked.
“I’m at the train station, I’m living for Seoul ” I said and he yelled “what ”
“Kim please don’t leave me please I’ll be there soon” he said.
“don’t worry, I miss the train anyway, so just go to school, I’ll meet you there ” I said.
“OK ” he said and hung up.
I hailed a cab and headed to the school.
⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
I sprung up from my bed and took my car key.
I opened my door to see Christina, she was shocked to see me, she hid her phone behind her like someone who was doing something bad.
“um Tyler I came to”
I ignored her and rushed outside then got in my car and drove off to school.
⏮️ Christina’s POV ⏭️
I came to Tyler’s house to apologize to him but I heard him talking with someone.
I put my ear on the door to listen to his conversation and it was Kim.
He wants to meet Kim and they are gonna meet in school.
I brought out my phone quickly and called my guards.
I told them to kidnap Kim and kill her straight away.
The other time I sent them to kidnap her, they said she already moved out.
“she’s heading to my school so make sure you get to her and kill her before she gets to Tyler” I said and hung up immediately when the door to Tyler’s room opened.
He came out and I quickly hid my phone behind me.
I wanted to apologize but he ignored me.
I just hope my boys get to her first.
⏮️ Kim’s POV ⏭️
I got down from the cab in front of my school.
I paid and the cab drove off.
I was heading to a corner close to the school to wait for Tyler but a car pulled at my front.
Two hefty thugs came out and they were the same people who brought me home the day I was operated on.
I ran in full speed and they followed me.
They were very fast so they caught me.
I wanted to scream but one of them held my mouth and they carried me to the car.
I sighted Tyler’s car coming but the two thugs already started the engine and we were leaving while Tyler was going in. Tears fell down my cheeks as I watched Tyler’s car drive past us.
The other man was still holding my mouth tight.
⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
I got down from my car when I was already in school.
I looked around but there was no sign of Kim.
I brought out my phone and called her but she wasn’t picking up.
Did she change her mind?
Oh please don’t cause I can’t afford to loose you now that I know how much you mean to me.
I kept on calling but no response.
I sat on the floor and kept on trying.
⏮️ Kim’s POV ⏭️
My phone was ringing and I was sure it was Tyler but the thugs won’t let me pick it.
They drove till they arrived at a deserted area.
I could see hill, valley and mountain alike at the end of the road.
What are they planning on doing to me?
I know this is Christina’s doing.
They stopped and dragged me out of the car then towards the cliff.
They brought me very close and I already know what they wanted to do, they wanna push me off the cliff.
“please let me go please I beg of you ” I cried but my pleads were falling on deaf ears.
They pushed me off the cliff and my heart stopped as I was in the air for some seconds then I finally landed hard on the ground.
My head struck a rock and darkness overwhelmed me.


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