July 28, 2021

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My Secrete Angel. Episode 13

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???? Episode 13 ????
???? By Jennifer Owens ????
⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
It was already 9:56 pm in the night and still no sign of Kim.
I’ve called her millions of times but still no reply.
My heart is in pain right now.
I’m not sure if I can live another day without seeing my angel.
I waited for a little while but she didn’t come nor did she pick up.
I got in my car and drove home.
I met mom in the sitting room, she was smiling at me but I just walked past her and went to my room.
I fell on my bed and let the tears that already welled up in my eyes, pour down.
I really need to see you Kim, please come.
I thought she forgave me.
Is anything wrong?
I laid in my bed remembering all the times I humiliated her and hurt her.
I turned to look at my wall clock ???? and it was already 7am in the morning.
I didn’t even sleep.
I took my phone and called my principal.
He picked up almost immediately.
“give me Kim’s father’s number now” I said and he took a while before calling it for me.
“one more thing, if I don’t get to see Kim, just know you are a dead meat ” I said and hung up.
I called the number given to me and he picked up after the second time.
“hello who’s this”
“good morning sir, I’m Tyler, Kim’s friend ” I said.
“oh ”
“sir I wanna know if I can see Kim or you could give me your home address ” I said into the phone ????.
“Kim’s traveled to Seoul so you can’t meet her” he said over the phone.
“but she said she missed the train and she promised to come meet me yesterday but she didn’t and I don’t know what went wrong that’s why I called ” I said.
“no no, Kim is in Seoul” he said.
“are you sure sir ” I asked.
“yes ”
“OK but is there anyway I can communicate with her” I asked and he was quiet for a while.
“I’ll call you back ” he said and hung up.
So Kim lied to me that she was coming.
She still left me, why Kim?
I deserve it anyway, but I won’t give up until I have her back.

⏮️ Kim’s dad POV ⏭️
What’s this kyler or zyler blabbering about?
My own Kim is in Seoul and I know that.
Let me call Vivian if Kim is there with her or not.
She better be.
I called her and she pick up.
I didn’t bother asking how she is, I just asked where’s Kim.
“she’s not yet come, was she supposed to be here now” she asked.
I fell on my couch and held my chest.
“ah Vivian my Kim, Kim ”
“what happened to her”
“she’s supposed to be in your house and you’re here asking me stupid questions ” I yelled over the phone.
“but she’s not here” she said.
I already started sweating heavily.
I hung up immediately and called Kim’s number.
It’s been ringing almost 17 times now but she wasn’t picking.
“ah Kim, forgive me if I’ve done anything wrong, appa can’t live without you” I said and tears already started streaming down my cheeks.
An old man like me is crying.
Crying is not even enough, I need my Kim.
“Kim appa bianè, please come back home, it’s OK if you don’t want to live with Vivian, come and stay with me and we will find a way out”
“aiish ” I sat on the floor and cried.
My phone rang and I sluggishly picked it up without looking at the caller.
“sir is there a way I can connect with Kim ” the caller said over the phone.
“Kim has left me, she’s not in Seoul and I can’t communicate with her” I cried into the phone.
“what, please sir tell me your home address and I’ll be there, we will find a way out together ” he said and I called him the address.
He hung up and I continued crying.
After some mins, there was a knock on the gate but I didn’t get up.
When he saw no one answered him, he entered by himself and came to the sitting room.
He was also crying, he’s eyes were red and swollen.
“Appa” he called and knelt beside me and we cried together.
He suggested we search for her with her photo and we also involve the police.
We called the cops and told them and we took two of Kim’s pictures.
We checked almost all the streets but none claim to know her or seen her.
It was the same thing happening everyday.
It’s been a month now and we still can’t find my Kim.
It was the same thing, going out to search for her and coming back home to sulk.
Where could my Kim be?
If she was kidnapped then the kidnappers would have called for ransom.
I laid on my couch and cried with Tyler on the floor like a statue that couldn’t move nor talk.
⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
I’m still in the house with Kim’s dad, that old man looks like he’s gonna die any moment from now so I have to keep am eye on him.
Kim you better come back before you loose your dad.
We’ve checked almost all the whole city and even the cops have no clue until this morning.
It was Saturday and the cops called us that they have some clue what could’ve happened to her.
We arrived at the place and it was a deserted area.
There were cliffs, hills etc.
We were told that they found Kim’s phone on the floor and there was blood stain on a rock and that it was possible that Kim fell off the cliff.
Kim’s dad fell down and held his chest immediately he held that Kim might have fallen off the cliff.
I could feel my heart sinking but no, I can’t just loose hope of my angel.
“If she fell then where’s her body ” I asked the cops.
“it’s also possible that a wild animal ate her up cuz if you look down where she fell to, it’s bushy like a forest” one of the cops said.
No no no, my angel can’t just die like that.
I didn’t even get to tell her I love her.
That’s not true, she’s not dead.
She must be somewhere, my angel can’t die.
“Kim where are you ” I yelled on top of my voice.
“please come back” I yelled and fell on my kneels, crying.
“come back ” I cried.


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