July 24, 2021

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My Secrete Angel. Episode 14

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???? Episode 14 ????
By Jennifer Owens ????.
6 months later.
⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
“when will you stop this madness ” mom yelled.
“it’s no madness mother” I yelled back.
“that girl called Kim or whatever is dead and gone, when will you understand that ” she yelled again.
“she’s not dead mom, I can feel her in my heart ”
“she’s your past, look at Christina whose always been with you through thick and thin, she loves you and you better start doing the same” she said pointing at Christina who was shedding crocodile tears.
“I don’t love Christina and I’ll never do” I yelled.
“but Tyler I said I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do all those bad things, I didn’t mean to claim her voice and kidney to be mine, please forgive me already ” Christina seethed still crying.
Who cares?
“I can get you my bath tub ???? for you to cry in” I said and glared at her.
“Tyler just forget….. ”
My mom was saying but kept short and moved backward from me when I turned to face them, my eyes were red and cold.
I moved closer to them and they moved backward.
“I don’t love Christina and I’ll never do cuz no one will take Kim’s place in my heart ” I said as calm as I could and went out.
I got in my car and drove to Kim’s house.
⏮️ Christina’s POV ⏭️
Kim is dead but she’s still having her way in Tyler’s heart.
Tyler’s mom and I were damn scared when he turned to face us, his eyes were red and cold.
I know Tyler very well, when he’s angry he knows no one.
“I don’t love Christina and I’ll never do cuz no one can take Kim’s place in my heart” he said and left.
I know he’s going to Kim’s house to see that old wag.
Kim’s gone but why’s she still an obstacle between Tyler and I?
I need love, I need Tyler’s love.
⏮️ Tyler’s POV ⏭️
I reached Kim’s house and went in.
I met her father seated on the floor with pictures of Kim and him on the floor.
There was a picture of him, Kim and a woman that must be Kim’s mom.
He stared at the pictures with tears streaming down his cheeks .
Kim really does have the best father in the world.
I moved closer to him and sat with him.
“appa stop sulking like a child, now if you spend all your time crying, how will you buy a big house for Kim when she returns ” I asked but it wasn’t cheering him up at all.
“weren’t you the one who told me Kim loves big houses, stop crying let’s try to make her dream come true before she returns ” I said and a smile escaped his lips.
Now that’s what I want.
After many consoling words, he finally fell asleep.
I took one of Kim’s pictures and sat on the floor with tears pouring down like rain that would never stop.
“My heart is bleeding and I, I don’t know if it will heal without you here” I said referring to the picture. Wherever you are, I just hope and pray that you are happy.
Somewhere in Canada.
⏮️ Rikki’s POV ⏭️

“like seriously Cleo, this is the 7th guy you are crushing on, what about Jake that you had a crush on last week ” I asked Cleo who was sitting beside me and showing me photos of a guy she has a crush on.
She shows me guys she has crush on almost every day.
“oh Jake, I already slept with him so my feelings for him weared off” she said smiling.
“oh you are too spoilt ” I said and scrunched up my nose.
“you can say that again” she said sarcastically and we laughed.
“so what about your school, have you found a better one” she asked.
Yeah guys, Cleo and I are travelling to Boston and I’ve been doing research on the school Cleo and I will go when we get there.
Not my idea though but dad’s idea.
He wants Cleo and I to meet with the president’s daughter and all the minister’s children.
“oh yeah, I’ve found a better one, it’s courageous high school and they even sang on the president daughter’s birthday ” I said.
“good coz I go to classical school and it’s our final year so we won’t be spending a looooonnng time there” she said and we laughed.
So Rikki, I need to go chat with my new crush so hand me my phone.
She took her phone and I rolled my eyes.
I went upstairs to my room and laid on my bed looking at the ceiling.
Ah yes, a little introduction about myself.
” I’m Rikki Bennett, , Cleo told me she found me 7 months ago lifeless around a forest when she went hunting, they said maybe I fell off a cliff or something and that I was in coma for 4 months and that’s true cuz I woke up from bed one faithful morning and I couldn’t remember my name nor anything, the doctor said I lost my memory and I might regain it or not.
Cleo was the one who named me Rikki and she’s very kind. She’s lost her mom and she’s the only daughter of Mr Bennett.
I got used to living with Cleo and her dad who’s the vice president of South Korea, he travelled to Boston and that’s why we have to go there to stay for a while. It’s been 2 months I woke up from the said coma but I haven’t remembered anything so I took it as there’s nothing to remember except an old man that I’m trying to figure out.
I’m feeling sleepy now and I’ve told you enough about myself so let me sleep.
I have to wake up very early tomorrow cuz our tickets to Boston is already out and we are travelling tomorrow.
I just hope my life in Boston is good cuz if it isn’t then I won’t waste a second in traveling back to Canada.
Somehow, I wanna remember my past coz I can’t sleep peacefully knowing that somewhere someone is searching for me or maybe not.
But why’s there an old man in my dream, I can feel and see him blurry, I can’t see him clearly but I’m always happy in the dream with him.
I really need to find out who this man is.
Could he be my dad?
Ah I don’t know, the more I try to remember the more my head aches and I feel dizzy.
Let me just forget it.


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