July 28, 2021

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My Secrete Angel. Episode 15

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???? Episode 15 ????
???? By Jennifer Owens ????

⏮️ Christina’s POV ⏭️
I glanced at my clock again and it said 10:12.
I took my silver purse ???? that matched my silver shoes.
I was wearing a dinner gown and everything was intact.
I had to meet with all the minister’s children and even the presidents daughter.
The person I’m really eager to see is Cleo Bennett and her new mysterious sister.
It was said in the news some months ago that Mr Bennett the vice president of South Korea adopted a girl called Rikki but they didn’t put her picture and that’s why I’m eager to see her.
I wanna make friends with them cause they are classy and higher than me.
I got out and entered my car and drove to the embassy suite where everything was taking place.
⏮️ Rikki’s POV ⏭️
“This flight was tiring ” I seethed and Cleo rolled her eyes.
“that’s because you are not used to it but I am, so this flight was wow ” she said and I tilted my head and looked away.
Just then a car arrived and I smiled.
“the car’s here” I said and we head towards it.
We got in and the driver zoomed off.
After some mins, we arrived at our motel.
It belongs to dad.
I got down lazily and went in straight.
The receptionist handed me a key without me asking and I went straight to the number written on the key.
I got in and fell on the bed.
“get your lazy butt off that bed, we still have to meet the ministers” Cleo said and I sighed.
We had our bathe together and chose matching outfits.
I wore a short indigo gown, white hills and white purse while Cleo wore the same gown but blue and white purse and white hills.
We styled our hair and head out in the car.
We arrived at the embassy were the ministers held their meetings.
Gosh, the press and paparazzi are already here.
Cleo got down from the car and pictures of her were being taken.
I was damn shy so Cleo was winking at me to come out but I hesitated.
The press and paparazzi came to my door side.
“it’s time to see the new daughter of Mr Bennett ” a reporter said.
I opened my car door and brought out a leg.
I came out fully and everyone was wow.
Pictures of me were being taken.
Cleo and I walked in together.
The ministers were having some meeting so we had to wait.
After what seemed like hours, the ministers children were ask to come in.
Cleo and I got up and went in.
⏮️ Christina’s POV ⏭️
I got up and went in and so did many boys and girls.
Some were in suites and the two people that caught my attention were two girls who were dressed in short gown.
They were so wow and I’m sure as hell no match for them so I’ll just make friends with them.
“good day everyone ” the vice president Mr Bennett said on stage with a glass of ???? wine in his hand.
“I’m very honored today that you all came here, this is a surprise to someone ” he said and everyone were smiling.
“today is specially dedicated to my precious daughter, my jewel” he said and I was already looking around for Cleo to be called out.
“my gold, Rikki Bennett ” he called and everyone clapped.
“oh Rikki sweetie please come out, daddy is so proud of you” he said.
That must be the mysterious daughter.

⏮️ Rikki’s POV ⏭️
Dad made this day for me?
I looked at Cleo with a teary eye and she nudged me a little telling me to go up stage.
I stood up and walked to the stage.
Everyone were clapping that I could turn deaf from the applauds.
⏮️ Christina’s POV ⏭️
My mouth dropped open when I saw Kim walked up stage.
OMG! ???? is that…. Is that Kim?
No no no it can’t be.
She’s dead.
Maybe they just look alike.
That girl is too classy to be Kim, I mean Kim’s clumsy but this Rikki is the opposite.
“you are indeed a blessing dear” the vice president said referring to Rikki or should I say Kim.
“let’s toast to my precious daughter ” he said and raised the wine up and so did everyone.
Is Kim twin or what?

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