August 1, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 92

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Venessar High School

Written by Feathers

Episode 92

“Where is Sean?” I asked when I realized that they aren’t saying a word.

“Bring them” One of the men said and I saw Kimberly and Sean brought to where I stood.

They were now surrounding us.

“What do you want with them this time ?” I asked those armed men boldly.

“We came for both Kimberly and Sean. The band does not allow any of the 6S band to date not to talk of marrying but Sean disobeyed. We are not even asked to kill them ,watch what we are about to do to them” A man among them explained .

“Don’t touch them” I said as a man step forward.

“I hope you know that we are not here to joke. This gun you see us holding is filled up with bullet. Be careful” The man that just explained to me said but I wasn’t moved

“Don’t touch them” I screamed again as the other man took more steps closer.

The man that explained got angry and cocked his gun. He pointed it at me.

“I may be forced to blow your head off now ?” He said and my heart beat faster in fear.

“Step away” The man commanded and I raised my hand in surrender and stepped away.

“What are they about to do for them?” I watched as the man walked towards them.

He brought out an injection and filled it. I knew that whatever they wanted to inject them with must be poisonous and I won’t take that.

At least ,they didn’t know that I’m with a gun which should make it easier for me to attack them.

I removed my gun from my back pocket all of a sudden and ran behind a chair first for guide then shoot the air.

They all brought out their gun and stretched it towards the chair.

“Autumn, do you sincerely think you can defeat all of us. Just thank goodness you didn’t shoot anyone of us ,I’ll have blown your head. ” The man said.

“Handcuff her ” The man commanded and two of his men walked towards me.

I released a bullet suddenly into their shoulders and they fell.

The remaining two men and the boss start to shoot towards the direction that I was and moving towards me.

I know they will surely shoot me if they now have the chance cause I’ve taken two of their men down.

I began to crawl to the other side of the chair and peeped from the other end.

I shot the boss himself in the lap and stood foolishly to shoot the other two. Fortunately for me ,none of their bullets hit me.

Sean and Kimberly furrowed their brow on seeing how I took all the men down

Kimberly ran to me and hugged me while I smiled.

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