July 31, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 89

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He and her V

Episode 89


“Walter , please come around ,let’s adjust this bed together ” I commanded and he obliged.

We dragged the bed together away from the wall slightly.

“Thanks ” I said and sunk to the bed while he stood.

You can leave ” I said and he looked to the floor then at me. ” Did anyone tell you , you look so beautiful , ma” He said to my surprise and I sat uprightly.

I looked into the face of the robot again wondering how a robot would know how to compliment a lady plus his voice sounds too human unlike before.

I kept looking at him in surprise not knowing exactly what reply to give him.

“Have I said something wrong?” He asked.

“Not really , you can leave ” I said and he turned to leave but he faced me again.

“I’m really sorry if…”

“I said leave ” I yelled wondering what has come upon the robot. I wanted to stand and check it’s stomach to confirm if it was a robot but that will be foolish.

Of course ,he’s a robot. His actions just seems weird.

Tucker entered few minutes later and came to lay beside me. He noticed that my face is disturbed and he spoke up “what’s wrong? ”

“Nothing, really ” I replied and explained the robot strange action to him.

“That’s surprising , it might be designed with it. You know , they are really trying everything to make robot looks exactly like human this days” He said and I nodded.

He pecked my cheek and someone entered at the moment. We both turned to see who it was and it turns out to be Grace.

Tucker adjusted to a sitting position on the bed. “You should have at least knock ”

“It’s our house , right?” She asked walking towards where Tucker sat.

“This room is Camilla’s room , not yours . You know the right thing to do, anyway , what do you want?” He asked.

“You are asking me what I want with you? My husband for that matter ” She replied Tucker and came to kneel before Tucker seductively.

She tried to zip off Tucker’s trouser and he flinched her hand away.

“What are you trying to do?” Tucker asked.

“To play with my husband ‘s thing of course. Wanna feel it in my mouth ” She said and brought her hand to Tucker’s trouser’s again.

“And is this the right place to do that, plus . I do not have time for that” Tucker said and stood.

He kept away a distance from her.

She stood and went to meet Tucker again
“Why did you loathe me this much?” She asked and unhooked her gown.

The gown fell from her body and surprisingly , there was no wears under.

“What the…”Before Tucker could complete his statement , she dragged Tucker’s face to hers and planted a hot kiss on his.

Right before me , they began to kiss and it was leading into something beyond kiss.

Oh my days!

I cried softly as I bite my lips in pain. Her seducing skill did work on Tucker.

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