June 17, 2021

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 4

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Her Personal Taste. Chapter 3

????????Her Personal Taste????????

Love triangle ❤

????????Written by Authoress Jenny????????

????Not edited???? short

Chapter 4

Jenny pov

“What do you mean by him “i asked albert

“Dont get me wrong jenny ,i just thought this was going to be two of us since its worked based “he replied and i nodded

“Oh ,we just happened to be close by”i said

“Sit “he said and we both sat down

We ordered some drinks

Albert and i kept talking about random stuff and i must confess he was more fun than i imagined

kyle kept mute although ,anyway thats is no his fault,i didnt expect him to say anything since his a robot

“I really had a great time ” albert said as we stood up to leave

“me too” i replied smiling

“Well i hope we get to hangout again together ,alone”albert nodded

I dont know why he kept emphasizing on alone ,not like kyle interupted anything

Kyle and i drove home quietly i wonder why his quiet

“Why are you not saying anything”i asked

“I dont have anything to say,Am a robot remember”he said and i nodded

“so what do you think about albert”i asked

“Well he seems to like you”kyle said

.”How did you know”i asked.

“Well it was obvious today “he replied

“But your a robot ,how did you know about feelinds “I asked

“Am an advanced robot”he replied with a smile

“i like him too”i said

‘Really”kyle asked and i nodded

We arrived home and went to our separate rooms

Time for dinner reached i had mine and went to bed

The following day ,i was already up waiting for breakfast on bed

Whats taking kyle so long

I was about to come down from my bed when the door knob twisted i quickly slumped on my bed and pretented to be sleeping before kyle woke me up

Am already getting use to the treatment

I head downstairs after taking a warm bath when the door bell rang

Who could that be

I opened the door and saw my gateman standing with a bunch of flowers in his hand

Okay this is actually weird

“Someone dropped this at the gate”he said and handed me the flowers

I took it from his and checked the tag it was from albert

Woah ,i sniffed the flower and it was great

Its really nice of him to send me flowers ,what a gentleman

Albert pov

I was happy when i was given a movie together with jenny

I had always wished for it because shes my crush

I was really sad when i heard she now has a boyfriend but that wouldnt stop me

I will make sure i do anything to win her over ,when i say anything i mean even kill if anybody tries to stand in my way especially that her boyfriend

And being nice and romantic is the perfect way to win her over


Her Personal Taste. Chapter 5
Her Personal Taste. Chapter 3

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