June 14, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 2

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 3
Hidden Beauty. Synopsis and Episode 1



Episode two

(Ugly ducking )

Joy’s POV

After the first lesson, the students left for the cafeteria.

I don’t that if I should just stay in class when my stomach is on fire or I should get myself some thing to eat.

I stood up from my chair and head to the cafeteria, on getting there, I picked up a plate and joined the line.

When the students noticed me , they started murmuring, pointing fingers at me.

You know that feeling of the world been against you?

I just felt like the earth should just swallow me.

Am I the only one ugliness found?
Why can’t my ugly face leave me and try somewhere else?

Is it my fault that I’m born ugly?

I looked around the cafeteria and the students were busy making jest of me.

I hurriedly drop the plate and ran out of the cafeteria, why the students burst into laughter.

Is this my own destiny?

To be mock and molested by others?

To be treated like trash?

Why the f**k is my own so different huh?

Nobody wants me in school, nobody wants me at home.

My only friend since I was a kid has been my mother and my elder brother.

I tried ignoring what people are saying, but the more I tried paying a deaf hear, the more my heart became heavy.

The feeling of the one I have always crush on being the head bully and finds pleasure in bullying me sucks, it kills me inside.

The tears that runs down my cheeks anytime I think about my life can form a river.

People now calls me so many kinds of names, in fact nobody calls me Joy again.

They now call me she devil, ugly duckling, crocodile poo , human faeces, trash etcetera.

Tell me , is this world worth living by me anymore?

Williamson POV

I watched her ran out of the cafeteria and I smiled to myself.

How dare her come here.

How can I be eating food at the same place with that ugly duckling, yuck! it sucks.

This school have been boring to me but since she registered into this school, my boredom vanished into thin air.

I derive joy in bullying her yes, cus it makes me happy.

I feel happy frustrating her and making her get worked up.

We went back to class and I saw her resting her ugly face on her desk.

I sat down thinking of what to do.

Yes,I finally thought of something.

“Prosper, should we catch some fun “I asked looking at the ugly duckling.

Whenever I mentioned ‘having fun’, Prosper already know what I mean.

He looked at her and smiled.

“Let’s do it” he said and smirks.

“Guys, shall we play a game? I asked as the students focused there attention on me.

“We should all have a nickname apart from our original names, we can call each other our nicknames if we want to, so who is in? I asked and they all raised there hands.

Of course they can’t refuse my offer

“You can extract the nickname from the person’s original name.

So what nickname should I be called?

Liam…. Yes liam is dope, we want Liam”the students shouted.

Liam? Nice.

“Okay, we are settling on Liam, what shall we call Joy? I asked and the students starts murmuring.

I looked at her and our eyes met.

She hurriedly look away .

What about ugly duckling? I asked.

“Nice, we shall call her ugly duckling “the students concored.

I went close to her and smiled.

“Ugly duckling, that name suits you , in fact your mom should have think of it before naming you Joy”I said and she looked at me.

Oh, she’s crying, poor thing, even surgery can’t correct your face, you’re just too ugly for my liking “I said with a scornful face.

She ran out of the class as the students bursted into laughter.

Joy’s POV

I know he hates me but isn’t it just too much to keep on molesting me everyday?

In a class of more than thirty students, no one likes me, is it a crime to be ugly?

I’m just so tired of my life, gosh it’s like hell.

I went back to class and went to my seat.

I wanted to sit down and I landed my ass on the ground.

A scream escaped my mouth.

I stood up in pains and looked around, but none of the students seems to care.

Someone shifted my chair from it’s normal position.

No other person than the one who enjoys bullying me which is Williamson.

I knew he did it.

I managed to stay in class till it was dismissal and went back home.

When I got home, my mom was cooking, I walked pass her but she stopped me.

“Joy, can’t you greet? She asked.

“Good day mom”I said tryna pass her.

“Why is your face like that? Did something bad happened in school? She asked

“Every single day of my life , something bad always happen, what is new about today? I asked angrily.

“Joy, what happened, why are you sounding like this? ” Mom asked.

“Don’t you get it mom?
Ain’t you understanding my words?

I don’t wanna live anymore”I said and ran up to my room.


Hidden Beauty. Episode 3
Hidden Beauty. Synopsis and Episode 1

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