June 14, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 3

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????❤Hidden Beauty????????

Written by KAS ADMINS

????Episode 3????
(The Plan ????)

????Joy’s POV????

I entered my room and slumped to my bed, feeling completely frustrated…

Hot tears rolling down my cheeks

Knock! Knock!! Knock!

Who’s that, I shouted furiously knowing fully well it’s mom..

It’s me joy, come and open the door mom said…

Mom! Leave me alone, just leave me alone, what do I have to live, live me alone

Let me just die, I shouted furiously

Let me just d i e e e e, I said that calmly breaking down into more tears….

Joy, mom called

Pls don’t do anything silly, think about me and your brother…

How would we feel without you, joy please turn deaf ears to what people are saying about…..

Mom it’s impossible to turn deaf ears they are saying it to my face don’t you understand….

Joy to me you are beautiful, you didn’t create yourself joy….

Think about it, you’ve got us to live, I guess I would leave you alone now, when you are done come have dinner okay…. Mom said

I could hear her footsteps leaving the door if my room….

Mom is right afterall, have got my family to live……

I promise myself not to try anything that would bring pain to my family, no matter what they say about me…………. Fighting ????

☺Williamson’s POV☺

I sat upon my bed feeling refreshed after the short nap, I need to go have fun out, I said stretching…

I picked up my phone and dialed prosper’s no…..

????Willy guy what’s up, prosper said picking the call…..

????Pros pee let meet at our usual joint we got something to had to the plans of my birthday tomorrow,

????okay sure guy, I would soon be there…..

????okay, I said hanging up the call…………

By our usual joint I meant open gate bar we do go there to have fun…

I got off my bed took a shower and few minutes later I was ready….

I took my car key and went to the garage, I was alone at home…

I unlocked my car and entered,it didn’t take me more than 2min getting to get there

I entered and sighted prosper waiting for me

I went and sat on the chair beside him…

Two red wine pls, I said to the waiter . I exchanged pleasantry with prosper…

So what plans do you want to add, prosper asked curiously…

You know we planed on inviting everyone one in school except ugly duckling, I said waiting for reply.

Yes we did, he answered

Now there’s a little change in plan, I said..

And that is, he asked

We are gonna invite crocodile poo as a special guest

What! that ugly girl as special guest, he shouted furiously

Prosper calm down let me finish, we would invite her as special guest…

And you know you her gonna be the MC for tomorrow’s event…

So when it’s time to call our special guest you are gonna call her out and call me out also then give good compliment about her, then I’m gonna disgrace her publicly…

That what I thought of..

Wow Willy you are such a genius, oh I feel sorry for her, prosper said in a mockery manner…

Tomorrow is gonna be fun prosper shouted excitedly, giving me a handshake…

We opened our wine and started drinking and gisting awaiting the great event that’s gonna happen tomorrow….


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